About Grosvenor Legal Services

Grosvenor was formed over a decade ago and is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of security services and security consultancy in the UK.

Operating in many specialist areas within the security profession, Grosvenor employ only the very highest calibre of personnel in order to ensure the highest standards of service available within the security industry. Bailiffs Foundation Grosvenor Legal Services Ltd is a well established leading firm of bailiffs, who utilising traditional recovery techniques in conjunction with modern systems and procedures offer a comprehensive collection service to all areas of commerce. All bailiffs employed by Grosvenor Legal are certificated through the County Court, and the company is licensed by the Data Commissioner and the Office of Fair Trading. Expertise In contrast to typical debt collection companies Grosvenor Legal do not rely solely on mail and telephone contact with the debtor. In order to achieve maximum recovery results Grosvenor will utilise their nationally based field collection force to personally visit your debtors. Grosvenor Legal are experienced in providing a complete range of collection activities including utility debts, commercial rents, finance agreement defaults, overdue advertisement accounts and general consumer and commercial debts. The 'firm but fair', flexible approach adopted by Grosvenor ensures that where required an ongoing trading relationship can be maintained with the debtor. Coverage Grosvenor Legal operates throughout mainland United Kingdom and employ bailiffs and field collection officers to efficiently act on your behalf. All field collections staff and bailiffs are full time, direct employees. Unlike most competitors Grosvenor Legal do not use self employed agents, ensuring standards are consistently maintained and consistent. Capacity The current portfolio of clients instructing Grosvenor Legal covers a broad spectrum ranging from small and medium sized enterprises through to multi-national organisations issuing terms of thousands of instructions. Approach The word bailiff is commonly associated with enforcement action, property being removed and auctioned. This pre-conception of a firm of bailiffs often results in immediate payment of debts. However, in addition to this Grosvenor Legal also recognise that a tactful approach is often needed, particularly when a trading relationship is expected to continue, and the debtor is for example simply trading outside the credit terms granted. Performance The results achieved, when compared by clients to Grosvenor Legal's competitors, consistently out performed typical debt collection firms.



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