About Ingles and Hayday

Tim and Paul ran Sotheby's Musical Instrument department for 15 years before establishing Ingles & Hayday in 2012, where they continue to offer stringed instruments for sale by private sale and auction. Auctions are held twice a year at Sotheby's New Bond Street. Our Relationship with Sotheby's Tim Ingles and Paul Hayday joined Sotheby's in 1994 and 1997 respectively and went on to run the musical instrument department for 15 years. In 2013 Tim Ingles & Paul Hayday established a specialist musical instrument auction house and dealership under the name Ingles & Hayday to enable them to tailor their services to the specific requirements of their clients. Sotheby's no longer maintains an in house musical instrument department and Tim and Paul act as official Consultants to Sotheby's, with all relevant enquiries being referred directly to Ingles & Hayday. Ingles & Hayday hold two auctions a year in Sotheby's Bond Street galleries and the two companies continue to work closely together to ensure that vendors and buyers of the musical instruments are offered the highest-quality service through their combined experience as leaders of the international market.



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