About Oswestry Cattle Auctions

Oswestry Cattle Auctions has been a livestock market business at Oswestry for generations moving out of town onto it’s current site in 1967. This Border Market is supported by Farmers and buyers from far and wide, operating as it does every Wednesday for all classes of Store and Finished Livestock. The catchment area has a mix of productive lowland and vibrant Welsh upland farmland that is responsible for the wide range of Livestock that passes through the Market, from early Spring Lambs, quality growing Store Stock, excellent supplies of main crop Lambs and Hoggets and a regular supply of Finished Beef and Bull Beef Cattle. There is a weekly sale of Calves and Dairy Cattle and the weekly Store Cattle Sales are supplemented by Monthly and bi-annual special sales. OTMS Collections take place every Monday and the highly motivated, professional team that operate the Market are always available for consultation and advice on all matters related to livestock or other agricultural matters.



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