About Wightbay

Wightbay is free to use for all Isle of Wight residents.

WE ARE NOT AN AUCTION SITE, we are a "classified ad" site. You can buy and sell any item completely free of charge, no fees or commissions payable. FACTS ABOUT WIGHTBAY * wightbay.com currently has over 6,800 active members * we have between 4-12 new members sign up every day * at least 40-50 new items go up for sale on wightbay every day * between 5-6,000 Islander's visit wightbay every day * wightbay.com is run for fun, so please don't moan about it, after all it is free to use, and yes we do know that we are not as good as e-bay, but then e-bay isn't free, is it! wightbay.com is not "e-bay". wightbay has an audience of approx 140,000 Island residents of which maybe only 100,000 would have access to wightbay.com, so yes, we are limited, but no different from your local paper. There are main differences between e-bay and wightbay and these are as follows: BUYERS ON WIGHTBAY CAN: *go and view the item before buying it, it's on the Island *buy with confidence locally on the Isle of Wight *save time by not travelling to the mainland or relying on post *buy with, no fees, no commissions SELLERS ON WIGHTBAY CAN: *sell any item, no fees, no commissions *sell items fast, wightbay is instant *place up to 5 colour pictures for each item *place as many items as they wish, no limits *get cash for their items, NO PAY-PAL, or suchlike *be confident that all Buyers are LOCAL What is wightbay? Lets get one thing clear, wightbay.com is a "classified advertising site", where anyone on the Isle of Wight can advertise any item completely FREE of charge. How can it be free to use? Good question, because I'm mad probably, its just a thing that started, and I think that because it's free, it works. So I'll keep it that way for now, as long as people use it. How will wightbay grow? Simple, keep using wightbay and the most important thing is to tell all your friends about wightbay. Probably 99% of all items sold on the Island are sold to Islanders, so if all Island residents used wightbay.com think how easy it would be for the Island to buy and sell items, it would be almost instant, and FREE! I wonder how long it will be before Islanders pick up on this fact?



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