Hot Property News: Pro Tips For leasehold Buyers

A rather pretty flat within a handsome period building located in the centre of London came up for auction recently, through McHugh & Co.

Hot Property News: Commercial Mortgage Loan Modification and Bankruptcy Related Issues

Are you a small business owner who is facing payments that are increasingly less affordable or large balloon payments on your mortgage loans?

A New Lease For Life Extending Leases on Residential Properties

Many vendors selling their flats with limited time running on the lease might be unaware that they are risking a serious devaluation of their property.

Play At Being Lord of the Manor

Portfolio Opportunities: The Best & Most Innovative Investment Concepts

How To Buy Property In Italy

Buying Property Abroad: The Highs, The Lows, The Benefits, The Fun And The Profits

England’s New Planning Reforms

According to the chancellor, needless planning delays cost the economy £3bn a year.

Hot Property News: Magnates: The Hollywood Hunk Who’s Becoming Silicon Valley’s Savviest Investor

Life often imitates art, but perhaps never as strangely as in the case of Ashton Kutcher, the heart-throb US actor better known in Britain as Mr Demi Moore.

Radioactive Waste Sites

The dozen UK locations short-listed as possible sites for a deep underground radioactive waste depository have been named after most were kept secret for 15 years.

How to Make Astounding Profits from Property

The secret to making astounding profits from property is by buying dirt cheap.

Are Property Auctions a Closed Shop?

Why are property auctions shrouded in secrecy and considered to be a specialist process reserved for experts and those such as developers, landlords, professional investors and the like?



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