Hot Property News: How To Buy ‘Up North’

Alternative Investments : The Most Original New Investment Concepts

Hot Property News: Milking Your Property Assets

There are many ways to make money out of property. Here we explore an alternative to the familiar buy-to-let or redevelopment strategies.

Hot Property News: Buy At 50% of Value, let For 100%; double your yield

Why not look more closely at unmortgageable property?

Land And Property … For Free!

Possessory Title is a legal term which applies when someone claims a piece of land or an abandoned property and uses it for a commercial venture or simply as a home to live in and pays absolutely nothing for it.

Hot Property News: Pro Tips For leasehold Buyers

A rather pretty flat within a handsome period building located in the centre of London came up for auction recently, through McHugh & Co.

Hot Property News: Commercial Mortgage Loan Modification and Bankruptcy Related Issues

Are you a small business owner who is facing payments that are increasingly less affordable or large balloon payments on your mortgage loans?

A New Lease For Life Extending Leases on Residential Properties

Many vendors selling their flats with limited time running on the lease might be unaware that they are risking a serious devaluation of their property.

Play At Being Lord of the Manor

Portfolio Opportunities: The Best & Most Innovative Investment Concepts

How To Buy Property In Italy

Buying Property Abroad: The Highs, The Lows, The Benefits, The Fun And The Profits

England’s New Planning Reforms

According to the chancellor, needless planning delays cost the economy £3bn a year.



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