For Sale :: Glorious Aristo built Cyprus Villa

This glorious Aristo built Cyprus Villa is set on a private road of twelve exclusive villas with private gardens and pools you’ll find your prestigious destination.

So You Want To Be An Auction Trader?

The number of people self employed in the UK has seen a dramatic rise in recent years, especially in the North West of England, where Manchester and the surrounding areas are fast becoming the independent trader capital of the UK.

Thinking Of Buying A Property In Portugal Or Greece?

Small European country. Glorious history; rather less illustrious present. Nice place to go for a beach holiday. And about to go bust within the euro. It's a good description of Greece. But actually, we're talking about Portugal.

What are Property Licenses?

A license is where someone is given permission to occupy a property or room but does not acquire the rights of a tenant.

A Fatal Mistake to Avoid As An Investor

Cash is the oxygen that enables a business to survive and prosper and is the primary indicator of business health. While a business can survive for a short time without sales or profits, without cash it will die.

Dig Deep And Unearth Bargains That Aren’t Even on the Market

If the number one attribute of a successful investor is persistence, and the second main attribute is creative thinking, then the third must surely be communication.

3 weeks until our next auction | Hair & Son

We are pleased to announce that the latest list for our next auction is available. There’s a huge variety of property types yet again, with something for every auction-goer at our auctions.

Seel & Co Auction 15th May 2018

We have a selection of residential, development, commercial, land and investments across the whole of South Wales including:

Top 10 beach homes for sale

If the recent warmer weather has sparked plans for a seaside escape, here's added inspiration with 10 of the best beachfront homes for sale.


Entries for the forthcoming machinery sale close this coming Monday23rd of April



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