Our antique auction guide UK is the most comprehensive in the country.

You will find full details including names, addresses, contact details, locations, dates and times. We have even published a guide to evaluate your own antiques and attic treasure, which you can have for free when you subscribe to GAUK Antique Auctions Listings. Register now and you’ll be able to start searching instantly.

When you know where to go, you can realise huge profits from the items sitting in your attic – or items you have bought at antique stores. Our antique auction guide UK is here to help you do it.

Antique Auctions Information

What do you need in order to make the most out of the antiques and the old treasures you have found in your loft or attic? You need the antique auctions information contained on the extensive gauk Antique Auctions database! We’ve collected the most comprehensive list of valuable, real-time information about the most profitable and least-publicised antique auctions in the country: enough to get you started making a small fortune in clever sales!

Whether you’re buying or selling, gauk can point you in the direction of the best places to bid and to offer.

Antique Auction Manual

Our unique antique auction manual is your perfect partner for some serious profit making! Use our free guide to learn everything you need to know to make a killing at auctions: and register for our superb information service to get the timeliest advice on where to go for buying and selling.

gauk operates the nation’s largest database of real time information about antiques auctions: where they are, who’s running them, who the auctioneers will be and when they are happening. Use our unbeatable guide to make the most of what you have and what you have bought.

“In One Morning I Had Made £2,120 on Paper… Then I Went Through the Rest of the House and Discovered I Had £14,498 I Knew Nothing About!”

If You Have Pottery, Silver or Anything of Age That You Can’t Figure Out Where It Came From, This May Be The Most Exciting Message You’ve Read…

What hidden treasures are lying around your house or at your local antique store?

The first words out of his mouth were:

“You could easily get £2,000 – £2,500 for this!”

Mrs Kirkby had just returned from Scotland and had shown her prize purchase, two Staffordshire cats to a pottery valuation expert. She paid £300 that day for his time and expertise, but learned that was peanuts compared to the true value of her collections. There seems to be and endless tirade of programmes on the TV lately uncovering all sorts of hidden treasures which are realised at auction… How full of Cash is YOUR attic, bedroom or basement?

If you are interested in silver or pottery and would like to know how to identify it yourself, or if you have a piece, but don’t know anything about it, then keep reading because this message may be the most exciting you’ve ever read. we’ll show you how you can identify your pottery – finding out if it’s priceless or worthless, sentimental or original.

Are there marks on the pottery that don’t make sense or the silver hallmarks unfathomable?

Is it just some initials on the bottom?

Or, maybe it says that it’s Staffordshire pottery, but you aren’t sure how to tell if it’s genuine?

We have put together a comprehensive guide which will help you identify almost any mark you find – we’re publishing it free for you here in the hope it will become an invaluable guide in your hunt for hidden treasure.

Please use the links to the left and when you do find a gem be sure to subscribe to our service to find the best auctions to realise that CASH!

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