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About Epic Auctions

ON LINE AUCTIONS Ververs de pagina niet De biedingen lopen automatisch door, het is niet nodig om de pagina te vernieuwen. Do not refresh page The auction runs by itself. There is no need to refresh the page. How does it work? How to create an account? If you want to participate in an auction you will need to create an account. Creating an account is very easy. Just put in your personal information and answer the questions how you want to be updated. Depending on the answser you will be notified/updated about our latest developments, upcoming auctions, bids you entered and bids that surpass yours. You make the choises and we will try to keep you as well informed as possible. The Epic-Auction rules Unless otherwise indicated, these are the rules for Epic-Auction: The lots will always be sold. Auction terms and conditions: With every transaction the current terms and conditions posted on the site are effectual. You can find the terms and conditions on the site. Static or proxy bid: There are two kinds of bids. With a static bid your bid is a fixed amount per lot. With a proxy bid you indicate the maximum price that you are willing to pay for the lot. Then the auction system will automatically increase your bid if you are outbid by a third party. This process continues automatically until your maximum bid is reached. If another bidder places a static bid equal to the maximum of your earlier placed automatic bid, the automatic bid comes first (an automatic bid beats the static bid). You can cancel your automatic bid by placing a static bid at the amount of the next minimum acceptable bid. At this point you are still the highest bidder, until you are outbid. It is not possible to cancel a bid, not with a static or a proxy bid. The '2 minute-rule': This rule states that when a kandidate-buyer bids in the last minute before the official closing time of the lot, the auction will be extend with two minutes. The official closing time of the auction has now shifted two minutes. When another kandidate-buyer bids in the exteded time period, the auction time will be extended with two minutes and the official closing time will shift. Conferment: After the closing of the auction the highest bid will receive a written conferment. Margin scheme Are you a trader in margin scheme goods? If you are a trader in margin scheme goods you are able to apply the margin scheme. When applying the margin scheme you calculate the vat over the difference between the selling and the purchasing price. If your proffit margin turns out to be positive you will have to pay tax over the goods. If you have a negative profit margin you are not applicable to pay the tax. What are margin scheme goods? Margin scheme goods are used / second hand goods that you have bought without paying tax. When can't you apply the margin scheme? When you are selling transportation vehicels that are hardly used, precious metals, precious stones or margin goods that you have used yourself? You may not always apply the margin scheme. Payment and delivery Payment and delivery of the lots After receiving a written conferment you are officially the buyer of the lot. After closure of the auction you will receive an e-mail with the buyers agreement (pro forma) as soon as possible. For a fluent completion of the sale buyers are asked to pay 3 days outward on receiving the buyers agreement. The payment needs to be handled as written in the buyers agreement and will be put in a seperate bank account that has is under auspiciën of "Stichting Derdengelden Epic-Auctions". This foundation monitors the incoming and outgoing cash flow of the auction site. The lots must be collected by the buyer at the by Epic-Auctions provided date, time and location. When a third party has to collect the lot, a written authorization must be signed and Epic-Auctions must be notified of this warrenty. This has to be send as soon as possible with the collection of the lot. On collection of the lot a proof of the delivery slip has to be signed.



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