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Listings of ALL Bankruptcy and Liquidation Auctions and Agencies Across the Country

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Bankruptcy and Liquidation Auction Sales of Liquidation and liquidated stock disposal. Bankrupt Auction sales on behalf of The Official Receiver, Various Liquidators, Major Finance Companies, Major Retail Outlets, Neat Ideas, Hoover, Wholesalers/ Distributors, Importers, Mail Order Companies and Other Vendors.

Perfect for private home and Internet sellers and larger trade stock acquisition.

We list ALL the agents and auctioneers throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales used to dispose of Bankrupt and Liquidated stock.

Bankruptcy Auctions

Bankruptcy auctions are the best places to get up to date commercial and office fittings and equipment for a fraction of their true value. GAUK Liquidation has compiled an unparalleled list of auctions, auction houses, auctioneers, dates, times and places to help you beat the crowds to the best auctions in the country. Start saving money today by subscribing to the GAUK Liquidation auctions information database.

Whether you need new computers, new office furniture, or even motor vehicles – bankruptcy auctions can offer you unbeatable deals. Many items are sold with no reserve to fetch whatever they can – meaning bargains galore.

Liquidation Auction

Use our information to find out where the best liquidation auction houses are, when they are auctioning; and who the auctioneers will be. GAUK Liquidation runs an up to the minute, real time database featuring comprehensive insider information about the bankruptcy and liquidation sales that are practically giving away equipment and furnishings that have nothing wrong with them.

A liquidation sale is intended to recoup as much money as possible in a short space of time. That means no reserves – and that means that you can get modern equipment for a fraction of its true value. What are you willing to pay?

GAUK Liquidation is here to help you get the most for your money. In times when corporate belts are tightening again, it’s good to know that bankruptcy and liquidation sales can provide a genuine alternative to “off the shelf” shopping. Most of these fixtures, fittings and other commercial or corporate assets are in perfect working order and must be sold quickly to recoup a portion of the liquidation.

Using GAUK’s unique database, you will get the jump on where to go for the best in liquidation and bankruptcy sales. Enjoy top quality at bargain basement prices!

It’s not just small, struggling business going into liquidation these days but many larger, well known names such as MFI, Woolworths, Habitat, Oddbins… The unfortunate list is growing steadily.

There are hundreds of auctioneers specializing in the disposal of company and personal assets as well as court and bailiff seizures, many of which are now on line so you can bid without being there.

GAUK Liquidation notifies you by alerts, updating the auctions and catalogues daily with coverage of thousands of sales…

Bankrupt and Liquidation Sales Register Now, You Just Can’t Afford to Miss Out on These Bargains!

GAUK Liquidation is a massive web-based database, full of contacts dates, times, regions, and a ton of other information designed to help bargain hunters find the most fantastic deals on a huge range of auction lots, it also provides you with a definitive guide to Bankruptcy and Liquidation auctions and government agents!!

At GAUK Liquidation Auctions you will find all the information our Bankruptcy and Liquidation auctioneers upload through our system.

You will not find much this stuff anywhere else.

  • Real time addresses for all the Bankruptcy and Liquidation auctions and auctioneers across Britain
  • Contacts and telephone numbers for auctioneers who hold auctions on behalf of the Official Receiver
  • Dates and times of upcoming Bankruptcy and Liquidation sales
  • Inside information about the agents selling stock on behalf of the Official Receiver
  • General Bankruptcy and Liquidation auction information
  • Bankruptcy and Liquidation sales…

Yebankruptcy and liquidation auctions! GAUK Liquidation Auctions has the most comprehensive lists of Bankruptcy and Liquidation auction insider information available anywhere in Britain… GUARANTEED!

We talk to the right people with the right information!

Remember! GAUK Liquidation Auctions lists probably every auction house in the country who specialise or deal in Bankruptcy and Liquidation, seized & recovered items.

Our readers are using the distressed business alerts to:

  • Buy businesses and assets out of administration for lower than market-valued prices
  • Ensure that they are the first to know about all liquidated assets that go into administration
  • Enquire about assets that may be up for sale as a result of a firm falling into administration
  • Monitor the distressed market for competitors who have been placed into administration and capitalise on their failings – bid for client banks, equipment or win over the endangered contracts of failing competitors

These sales are happening right now, as you are reading!

They are bargain hunter’s heaven. The auctioneers are selling everything you could imagine at prices you could have previously dreamed of.

Here at the GAUK Auctions UK™ website is your opportunity to discover where and when these Bankruptcy and Liquidation sales happen. Through the newsletter and online service you will even discover how to view the merchandise before you part with a penny.

If you can’t find the Bankruptcy and Liquidation auction information you’re looking for at GAUK Auctions UK™ it’s not being sold at auction in Britain… Guaranteed.

  • Bankruptcy Auctions held on behalf of Receivers, Liquidators, Bailiffs and Finance Houses auctions. Computers & Equipment, Furniture & Household Goods, Clothing & Footwear, Tools & Equipment, Motor Vehicles, etc. Online bidding.
  • Liquidation stock disposal auction sales specialising in Food Industry Plant & Machinery. Commercial Kitchen/Bar/Restaurant Equipment, Furniture, Linen, Glassware, Dinnerware, Cutlery, Ovens, Cookers, Fryers, Extractor Fans, Chillers, Appliances, Storage Equipment, etc.
  • Online Clearance Auctions for a well known high street store. White Goods, Kitchen/Home Appliances, Audio/Hi-Fi, Cameras/Camcorders, DVD/Video Players/Recorders, LCD/Plasma/Widescreen TVs, PC Peripherals, PCs/Laptops/PDAs, Phones/Faxes, iPods, MP3, etc.
  • We list all Liquidation Auction sales on behalf of The Official Receiver, Various Liquidators, Major Finance Companies, Glos. Police Constabulary, Major Retail Outlets, Neat Ideas, Hoover, Wholesalers/ Distributors, Importers, Mail Order Companies and Other Vendors.
  • Bankruptcy & Liquidation Auction site for a major high street store’s Clearance Stock. A, B+ and B- Graded Job Lots of Toys, Audio, DIY, Gardening Goods, Electronics, Furniture, etc. iPods, Walkmans, CD Players, Radios, Headphones, In Car Audio, MP3 Players, Hi-Fi Systems, LCD TVs, DVD/VCR Players & Recorders, Combis, Portables, Vacuum Cleaners, Exercise Equipment, Treadmills, Rowers, Sony, Panasonic, Technics, Kenwood, JVC, Pioneer, Apple, Sanyo, Wharfedale, Hitachi, Toshiba, Casio, Beko, etc.

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