Ex Police Car and Ex Police Bikes

Ex Police Car and Ex Police Bikes

About Ex Police Car and Ex Police Bikes

The UK's leading supplier of ex-police cars. Direct sales of refurbished ex-police cars

Giving you the opportunity to drive a fully maintained vehicle, sourced directly from the UK Police Force. These cars offer a fantastic value-for-money investment, giving you the opportunity to own a fully maintained car, with no hidden history and the reassurance that only trained police drivers have commanded the vehicle. Delivery Delivery of vehicles to any location in the UK or beyond. Regular deliveries to Scotland and the South Coast. Vehicle transporters are fully insured with goods in transit insurance, equipped with satellite navigation systems and both loaded and driven with care. Delivery can be arranged at weekends or to your place of work. Delivering any type of car from Land's End to John O'Groats with specific care and attention. Ex Police Bikes (expolicebike.co.uk) All bikes direct from the UK police force; they are ridden only by trained police riders. Most motorcycles come with a full 12 month MOT, Full Service History, plus any parts which need replacement / refurbishment are carried out in-house. Stock mainly comprise of:- Honda ST1300 Pan European Yamaha FJR 1300 BMW R1200 The bikes tend to have heated handle-bars and the single seat conversions and are generally either silver or white Bikes can be changed to a new colour of your choice, the associated cost would be in the region of £475. Only buy the best examples and so stock may be low, but the quality is high!! Bikes are bought for a Blood bike especially converted by expolicebike.co.uk for an organization which transports blood and tissue.



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