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Glass’s has been the motor trade bible for over 75 years; our world-famous Guide is woven into the fabric of the UK motor industry. When it comes to car prices, no other data provider can match our experience or expertise. The motor trade uses Glass’s Guide to buy and sell its cars, and so should you. No one puts as much effort as Glass's into getting the data right. We don’t just repackage numbers grabbed off the Internet; we have editors on the road every day, talking to the motor trade and spotting the market trends ahead of the competition. It’s not the cheapest way to do the job, but it is the most reliable, and what our subscribers demand. A full complement of highly informed, experienced editors means we always have the ideal person to talk to on any valuation query. This is unique in the industry and why the trade choose us above everyone else. You should too. For many of us, negotiating on price is as stressful as it gets. Glass’s Consumer Values take away the uncertainty which ultimately leads to unrewarding deals. A Glass’s valuation gives you the same firepower as your trade opponent, bringing the calm confidence that will keep stress at bay, and ensure you get the best deal possible. 9 out of 10 dealers use Glass’s to value their cars. Can you afford not to? The UK's Leading Used Car Prices & Valuations Whether you're buying or selling, Glass's can help you get the best result. For just £3.50 Glass's will provide you with a tailored valuation certificate for your vehicle. We've got valuations spanning 16 years, based on the same trusted numbers 9 out of 10 dealers use to price their cars. We also have thousands of used cars for sale and plenty of information on buying & selling from road tests to history checks



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