About Martin Slowe

Auction Sales and Purchases There can be many advantages to buying and selling properties at auction, and clients often consult us in this area. We have a complete range of services to guide you through the entire auction process successfully. When buying at auction, properties are often available at competitive prices through open and fair bidding, with the added benefit that neither seller nor buyer can withdraw when the hammer falls. We can advise you on the suitability of a property and its price, pay close attention to the Special Conditions of Sale and work closely with mortgage brokers and lenders to ensure all finances are in place prior to auction. It is most commonly properties in need of repair or modernisation that sell successfully at auction, but location should also be taken into consideration. On occasions, properties may be purchased and sold on quickly without renovation, offering a rapid profit to the seller. We can advise as to the suitability of a particular property for your needs. We are happy to attend auctions with clients and bid for property on their behalf. Obtaining best results is our principal objective, and we aim to advise and guide clients responsibly to protect from bidding above the upper limit. For more information on Auction Sales and Purchases, or to discuss a specific issue, please contact us.



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