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PLEASE GO DIRECT TO SITE AS THIS IS SPECIALIST FOR BREEDERS This auction runs every Friday, currently selling finished lambs on a dead weight basis direct from your farm to abattoir. This new service gives you the opportunity to auction your lambs to maximise their returns on a welfare friendly system, that offers you the benefits of an auction without the obligation to sell. If your lambs do not meet the reserve, it has cost you nothing in transport, time or loss of condition, as the lambs will have never left your farm. Many abattoirs will pay a premium for Sunday collection for Monday slaughter and we have abattoir buyers ready and waiting to purchase minimum lots of 75 lambs per farm but the bigger the lot the better the sell prices are likely to be. If you have less then 75 lambs but wish to use the auction, please speak to your local Meadow Quality Livestock Marketing Specialist about a collection point. Please note, you must have a multi pick up license. Meadow Quality is a farmer controlled, livestock marketing business, covering all types and ages of cattle, sheep and pigs and is the largest multi-species marketing group in England. Meadow Quality has over 30 years of experience in livestock marketing and was formed in 2002 from the merger of Meadow Valley Livestock and Quality Calves. The company has a staff of 50, outlets from Cornwall to Aberdeen and a turnover of £65 million. Our purpose is to provide a high quality service and independent advice, at competitive rates. Being a farmer controlled business we work for the benefits of our producers and aim to deliver the maximum return for each animal. Livestock farming is an increasingly demanding business. The market environment continues to change rapidly, margins are tight, legislation is strengthening and commercial risks are increasing. Good marketing of livestock is needed for an effective business. Meadow Quality can help producers by providing a clear understanding of the industry environment and has a wide range of potential customers for your stock.



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