About Propex

The Online Investment Property Exchange. Propex is the online platform which allows its members to electronically introduce, receive and store property investment opportunities. UK Investors and agents use it to exchange investment information in an efficient and secure environment. If you are a property investment professional, subscribing to Propex is the fastest way for you to deliver, market and register investment opportunities. Hundreds of Institutional Investors and agents, log in to Propex because its secure web-based service ensures an efficient and smooth flow of information and also allows them to 'record' their Introductions securely and in real time. As an Investor you get: • Peace of mind from always knowing which properties have been introduced and by whom • Confidence that your organisation can effectively manage, analyse and react to deal-flow • Comfort that agents know your buying requirements and how quickly you can act • Immediate access to up-to-date and accurate contact information of the main players in the property investment market. As an Agent you get • Open door to the acquisition teams of the leading Funds, institutions and property companies • A painless way to control the marketing of all your retained sales • A guarantee that you know what the market players are buying. • Inclusion on the inside-track of the major deal flow throughout the UK. • Immediate access to up-to-date and accurate contact information of the main players in the market Part of the Costar Group, Propex is the leading electronic exchange and listing website for the commercial investment property industry in the UK. Its services are designed to increase liquidity, transparency and efficiency across all the markets in which it is involved. Launched in 1999, the Propex electronic exchange was set up by a group of property professionals who appreciated that transactions in each sector of the property market operate in its own unique way. The professionals who service the investment market required a different and discreet way of accessing clients, distributing market information and researching the market. Introduce or receive property securely Used by the UK’s leading funds, property companies and agents it allows you to keep track of every introduction made, find out who has looked at it and get in touch directly. It also provides industry-standard storage and archiving facilities for investment records. Market your investment sales Propex helps you market investment sales both electronically and in hardcopy format. You can target thousands of agents listed within the online directory or compile accurate mailing lists from our database of investment contacts. Track campaign progress As an agent, you get instant feedback on your campaigns; find out who has received and opened your listings, check their details on our directory and get in touch with them! Analyse the value of introductions received As an investor, you can view the total value of introductions you have received, sort them by sector, area and agent; plan more efficiently and identify key areas for improvement. Access more, exclusive deals We give you access to more stock - received directly or through our general listings area and available exclusively to Propex members. Catch up with the market and the players Get property news and information, including: Goad catchment profiles, town economic summaries and company credit check reports. Access the UK's most comprehensive contact directory of major fund managers and investment agents, updated daily.



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