About Treadway Toomey Gallery

Treadway Gallery, 2029 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 513.321.6742 , Fax: 513.871.7722, info@treadwaygallery.com We hold numerous highly publicized auctions each year in Chicago. The quality and scope of our 20th Century events establishes us as one of the world's leading showcase for American Arts & Crafts and 1950s decorative art. Museums, institutions, advanced collectors and major dealers worldwide rely on our expertise in 20th Century American and European Decorative Art. People seeking answers routinely look to us for a range of exceptional professional services. Established in the auction business since 1981 in Cincinnati, the Treadway Gallery serves as headquarters for an internationally-attended auction series focused on 20th Century Decorative Art. Our expertise has been honed from 37 years in the art and antique business. Treadway Gallery works closely with The John Toomey Gallery of Oak Park, Illinois. Together as specialists in 20th Century design - specifically the emerging decorative art of the 1950s.



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