About Whitegates

Whitegates Auctions covers West Yorkshire, Liverpool and Nottinghamshire. They are run with a consortium of other estate agents under the Great North Property Branch. About The Great North Property Auction At the Heart of the The Great North Property Auction is a network of the North East’s best Independent agents. The auction has been formed to offer a local auction house with truly regional exposure. We offer a fast and effective way to achieve a quick and secure sale. Auctions are held in local hotels and on-line bidding available Auction Methods Selling property through our auction couldn't be easier with option no estate agent fees to pay, fixed timescales to sell & move and your buyer putting money down, securing the sale. The majority of our properties are offered for sale via the Modern Method of Auction. This is not be confused with the Traditional Method where a legal exchange of contracts is required immediately after the auction ends. Our auction is a more client-friendly process, still based around a fixed timescale but allowing longer periods for exchange and completion to further accommodate the residential buyer and seller. Modern Method *Reservation fee paid within 48 hours of auction completion (this is a reservation fee and does not form part-payment of the final selling price. This can vary so please check the terms & conditions against each property). *28 days for exchange of contracts *28 days for completion of contracts ( Maximum 56 day timeframe, but it can be done sooner!) *A more client friendly process allowing time for buying with a traditional residential mortgage Traditional Method *10% paid immediately after auction. *Immediate exchange of contracts. *14-28 days to allow for completion of contracts. *A process more appropriate for commercial investments or reposession stock. If you would like to discuss the auction route further please don't hesitate to contact a member of The Auction Department to discuss in greater detail.



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