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At Andrew Kelly & Associates we believe in offering you a complete property service.

Andrew Kelly Auctions is a part of that service. We have grown to become the LOCAL market leader in general estate agency in the Rochdale Districts and Rossendale Valley yet generally, within these districts, Property Auctions have only been undertaken by National Auction Houses. With this in mind, we have invested again to produce yet another LOCAL service to our clients - one which is exciting and provides superb opportunities for both buyers and sellers of properties - another service which is a natural synergy to the expertise and local knowledge already contained within the Andrew Kelly Group.

People often believe that buying or selling property by Auction is different, complicated or risky and should only be attempted by experienced property investors, developers or builders. Today, Property Auctions can be an effective wayfor you to move home, to find an improvement project or to acquire a buy-to-let investment. We hold regular sales to allow you to plan ahead. Auction is straightforward, it is easy, and with us it can be even easier! Like anything that is easy, we make sure that each step that you take is simple and that YOU are in control. Whether Buying or Selling you are part of what is simply - another way - another way of what you want to achieve – to buy or to sell. At Andrew Kelly & Associates, we believe in a seamless process based upon our being an integral part of the process - thought – decision - buying or selling - finance - legals - EPCs and at every stage we are there for you. How? We know the whole house moving process.

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