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How to make a killing by buying heavily discounted property at auction … Property Auction Sales of repossessed, ex-rental, ex-council, cheap private property, personal estates, utility companies, department of transport.

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How will GAUK help me locate Property Auctions in the UK?

GAUK Property Auctions is the DEFINITIVE property auction portal offering a high level of accurate and up-to-the-minute Property Auction data as well as offering an exciting range of new services.

If you are looking for property to buy a commercial property, private residence or simply a small area of paddock land at auction simply search through all the properties offered from our featured Auctioneers in our Property Search section.

GAUK Tracks Down and Provides You With All the Property Investment Opportunities!

See the great examples above of the kind of auctions GAUK Property Auctions feature on a weekly basis … And no, they’re not fake!

Here’s a wonderful example of a recent auction:

Hundreds of repossessed homes to be sold by auction. UK property consultancy Allsop to hold property auction.

The UK property consultancy Allsop published its catalogue of 80 lots in the residential sale, which included everything from stylish apartments in Georgian houses to new flats in the docklands to family homes in sought-after parts of suburbia.

  • At the other end of the market is a flat in the city centre with a reserve of only £25,000.
  • Up on a notch on the price ladder are two-bedroom flats in midlands towns going for just £30,000.
  • In Wexford, in Ireland’s south-east corner, a job lot of six flats and several commercial units are listed.
  • Other lots include a four-bedroom family home with a price tag of £400,000. Allsop is not revealing details but estate agents say even modest homes in this part of the city would easily have fetched £2m in the good times.

The property auction was held in one of the cities’ top hotels. Gary Murphy, a partner at Allsop, says that his “phone hasn’t stopped ringing” since word got out.

Most of the lots were previously owned by property investors who have gone into receivership or simply handed back the keys to the banks.

Allsop hopes the auction will inject new life into the property market, which has been paralysed by fear that house prices, which are already down 45% from their peak, may have still further to drop.

“You can look at all the economic analysis, but you get no better feel for the market than when you are on the rostrum, calling on buyers to part with their money,” he adds. “To do that 80 times, you soon find out if the market is strong or weak. We hope this will establish the floor.”

But for those who bought in the boom, the auction will stick in the craw.

“If you bought for £300,000 and you see a similar property selling for £50,000 to £60,000, your first reaction is going to be, ‘I’m in negative equity for £200,000 to £300,000,” says Ronan Lyons, an economist.

However, he says homeowners should not panic: “It’s unlikely that prices for two-bedroom apartments will settle at £40-£50k. It’s too cheap in relation to rent.”

If you are looking to sell a property at auction just contact one of the featured auctioneers a GAUK who will be pleased to help you. You’ll find the ALL the Auctioneer’s contact information in our Property Auctioneers section.

Property Sold at Auction

Organisations and private individuals off-load properties for many reasons and sometimes it is just a question of economics. If repairs required to a property don’t fall within specific budget guidelines then quite often the property will be sold.

At GAUK Property Auctions you will find all the information our contacts leak to us.

You will not find much this information anywhere else, at this price … Guaranteed.

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GAUK Property Auctions is a massive web-based database, full of contacts dates, times, regions, and a ton of other information designed to help UK Property Auction hunters find the most fantastic deals on a huge range of properties, property investments and land – it also provides you with a definitive guide to Property Auctions, government agents and departments.

All over Britain are hundreds of little known and unpublicised Property Auctions selling a vast range of property and land sometimes UNRESERVED, and anyone can attend… even YOU!

These venues can sell Property that seem so cheap you would think that there must be a catch.

There is no catch – The prices you will be paying just everyday auction prices; prices some property developers who buy at Property Auctions want to keep secret and we don’t blame them.

Well all that’s about to change, the whistle has been blown, you are about to get:

  • Real time addresses for all the Property Auction and auctioneers across Britain
  • Contacts and telephone numbers for auctioneers who hold auctions on behalf of the Property
  • Dates and times of upcoming Property sales
  • Inside information about the agents selling Property on behalf of councils
  • Council and government Property Auction information
  • Property stolen/recovered and lost and found sales…

Yes! GAUK Property Auctions has the most comprehensive lists of Property Auction insider information available anywhere in Britain… GUARANTEED!

We talk to the right people with the right information!

Remember! GAUK Property Auctions lists probably every auction house in the country who specialise or deal in Property, land and commercial property investments

These sales are rarely extensively advertised!

The goods are sold for exactly what anyone is prepared to pay!


Property sold at these auctions is often entered for a quick sale. the property organisation put them into the sale will want them sold, and they go for the highest bid on the day, regardless of what it is!

So if there’s only you and a few others there you’ll be leaving with the keys to a great bargain property and a huge smile!

These sales are happening right now, as you are reading!

They are bargain hunter’s heaven. the property is selling at prices you could have previously dreamed of.

Here at the gauk property website is your opportunity to discover where and when these Property sales happen. Through the newsletter and online service you will even discover how to view the merchandise before you part with a penny.

Create a property auction account now and happy hunting!

If you can’t find the Property Auction information you’re looking for at GAUK Property Auctions it’s not being sold at auction in Britain… Guaranteed.

Now YOU TOO can make serious money at Property Auctions!

Property Auctions are an amazing way to snap up cheap property and make a killing. There are an ever growing plethora of TV shows like Homes Under The Hammer, Property Ladder, etc. The potential for making money from Property Auctions is phenomenal.

In the GAUK searches you’ll information and tips about where to find Property Auctions and also provide advice on how you can get a good return on your investment.

The key to making money from investments at Property Auctions is to buy at between 10-20% below the market price. We offer a range of guides in the member’s area on how to maximize your profits on property, whether you are letting out your investment or selling it.

We also have literally hundreds of articles written by developers and experts sharing their property development expertise

There are many ways to make money from property, but one is virtually guaranteed … Buy dirt cheap at well below market price and then sell on for a fast profit.

But how do you find these cheap-as-chips properties?

Well it’s not by visiting estate agents, or trawling through the small ad’s. No, the place to snap-up these bargains is at a Property Auction…and the way to learn how to turn these ‘shrouded in secrecy’ events into your own personal bank vault, is by joining property auctions at GAUK.

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