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Listings of all police auctions and police agencies across the country. Police auction sales of confiscated and stolen recovered, unclaimed personal possessions looking for a new home

Police Auctions … Ever considered attending one?

If you’re a dirty, rotten criminal and are convicted, be it of theft, burglary, drug dealing, in fact any serious crime at all The Proceeds of Crime Act now allows for a court to … and this is the important bit … confiscate any goods that you can’t legally account for!

There’s hundreds of thousands of such court orders made each year and the best part … everything that can’t be returned to it’s legal owner is auctioned off at local auction houses right across the country. And attending Police Auctions to snap up these bargains is a clever and totally legal way for YOU to profit from crime…

Police Auctions are a time-proven and established route used by Police forces across the country to dispose of proceeds of crime, lost and found, seized, unclaimed stolen and confiscated property. Police sales are held on a regular basis at auction houses and venues all over the UK. Our comprehensive Police Auction database covers ALL sales going on right now and details hundreds of auction lots every, single day. GAUK Police Auctions section shares with you ‘insider’ information on all the events!

… And this is not a marketing gimmick!

This stuff, these valuable items, these once cherished possessions are simply a headache for the police forces. They have to be stored or even warehoused in some cases and this is a sever drain on the system.

In short, the police and authorities just want them gone and are willing to accept what they can get on the day … Often these auctions have NO RESERVE!

Any cash they can raise goes into the system coffers so anything raised is a bonus!

GAUK Police Auctions data input team and sophisticated software monitor every Police Auction house and event in our database 24/7, uploading new items daily … This really is ‘insider’ information and available nowhere else … and that’s a guarantee!

Search Save and Compare Stolen & Recovered, Seized:

  • Cars & Commercial Vehicles
  • Boats & Yachts
  • Building Equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Household Goods
  • Jewellery & Watches
  • Play Station Consoles
  • Business Equipment
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Proceeds of Crime
  • Plasma TVs & IPads
  • and, of course, a great many car radios, DVD Players, mobile phones and other electrical items!

We list ALL the agents and auctioneers used to dispose of police lost and found, stolen & recovered merchandise across Britain.

Police Auctions UK

Search Police AuctionsIf you want to take advantage of all the ‘quick sale’ lots coming up for bids at Police Auctions UK, you obviously need to know where to find them! The problem is that due to the cost of promotion, and advertising space these sales are not widely known about.

The Solution is the unique GAUK Police Auction database that contains up-to-the-minute, real-time information detailing where and how to find auction houses that deal with police stock. GAUK offers you unparalleled levels of data listing when the auctions will be held and which auctioneers will be calling them.

Goods sold at UK Police Auctions usually require a quick sale and have NO RESERVE or an UNRESERVED price set on them. Use the GAUK Police Auctions Search Engine to find the right sale and you could pick up that great item for a fraction of what it should cost!

GAUK Police Auctions & Sales category lists everything you need in an easy to read page outlining all the details of Police Auctions within the UK. In an attempt to stop the lost and found departments becoming crammed and to reduce the number of items stored in the Police Property Store UK police forces sell consignments of stolen and recovered and seized goods through a Police Auction. These sales include vehicles, bicycles, clothing, electronics, furniture and many other items, which end up in the police property room.

Did you know that the Police even hold regular, special Police Car Auctions … and GAUK Auctions list them all!

There are incredible bargains to be had at a police auction by those in the know.

These Confiscated and Seized Goods Are Not Found Anywhere Else… Not on eBay, Amazon or Google!

There are several resources ‘claiming’ to publish police auction directories and the like, but in reality this is old, outdated, rehashed misinformation that’s been doing the rounds on the internet and eBay for years.

GAUK databases took over TEN years to compile, are constantly updated and take thousands of man-hours to maintain. We’ve been copied, plundered and blatantly had our websites hacked and reproduced in a vein attempt to copy what we do.

So Why Don’t I Find These Police Auctions by Searching Google or Bing?

You could probably find a small number of police auction websites after a few minutes of searching IF, (and it’s a big if), you know exactly what you’re looking for, you know what the auction house is called, where they are located and what they specialise in.

That said, you then need to search through each website and find the information you’re looking for, if they publish it online (which many don’t). You would need to spend time to find the auction events, the catalogues, the times and dates and then cross-reference them and save them somehow…

Now imagine trying to do that for nearly FIVE HUNDRED police auctioneers … you couldn’t because it’s just a plain old fact that over 95% of these auction houses won’t come up on the first ten to twenty pages of Google.

That’s hundreds of auctioneers, thousands of auction events and tens of thousands of auction items that just won’t be found on a simple engine search or portal … Why?

  • Auctioneers are not geared up for optimizing their websites for search engines so a Google search on ‘police auctions’ for instance, brings up all sorts of results, much of it irrelevant! (try it!)
  • Search Engines aren’t like GAUK because we are a ‘Specialist Auction Engine’ and our information is handled manually by ‘humans’.
  • Auctioneers that deal with police seized goods do not list on auction sites because of the fast turnaround and the fees are prohibitive
  • Many auctioneers do not advertise in traditional press because the costs are prohibitive

The cold, hard truth is that it takes the participation of auctioneers, a large team of data-input staff, some very sophisticated, proprietary software, a bunch of very expensive, dedicated servers, a number of technical guys and a rather large budget to keep GAUK running!

You simply cannot find the GAUK information anywhere else in one place and by using GAUK services you enjoy the convenience of having all of it at your fingertips.

Police Auctions Online

police auctions onlineFind the information you need about Police Auctions Online thanks to GAUK. We’ve compiled the biggest database in the UK, showing you all the auction locations that sell items on behalf of the police force. From proceeds of crime auctions to unclaimed stolen goods, you can pick up the bargain of a lifetime at these often unpublicised sales.

Police Auction events are handled differently depending on the various police forces. Some authorities commission auctions through various contracted auctioneers. Others hold Online Police Auctions through various websites. The issue is that the police auctioneers who are appointed to sell goods is constantly changing. So to keep up-to-date with upcoming police auctions around the country use the GAUK Auction Search Engine and for those elusive Police Auction lots try Lot Shark alert service.

GAUK Auctions is easily the best online service available to track down Police Auctions in the UK, giving people a huge advantage when searching for bargains at a Police Auction.

The goods found at Police Auction can be brand new or graded from A down in used condition. Goods may be slightly marked a good example would be high quality push-bikes which still retain a good value. All items listed in any Police Auction are available for viewing and inspection prior to the sale. If faulty or damaged the fact is clearly mentioned on the item and faults will be outlined by the auctioneer during the auction. If this is an Online Police Auction the description should be clear and accurate. These auction events are a prime location for bargain hunters. Many of the goods will be sold for extremely low prices and almost always under market value. Remember, these goods are at auction TO BE SOLD, the police forces need to clear their stores regardless of how low the highest bid for the items at the Police Auction.

Find out where, when, who and how thanks to the GAUK Police Auctions database. We use insider information to keep your flow of auction data up to date and, where possible, in real time. Beat the crowds and score a bargain!

How will GAUK Police Auctions listings help me locate Police Auctions in the UK?

GAUK Police Auctions is a massive web-based database, featuring Police Auction Lots coming up for bidding, contacts, dates, times, regions, and a wealth of other information designed to help UK bargain hunters find the most fantastic deals on a huge range of goods. This is THE definitive guide to Police Auctions and government agents!

At GAUK Police Auctions you will find all the information our data input teams and proprietary software track down. You will not find much this stuff anywhere else … Guaranteed

Don’t Let Those Police Auction Deals Get Away!!!

All over the UK hundreds of little known and unpublicised Police Auctions are taking place at reputable auction venues. Auctioneers are selling a vast range of goods, property and vehicles often UNRESERVEDand even YOU can attend!

These places are often stacked to their rafters with confiscated, seized and lost & found police goods that seem so cheap you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s just ‘TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE‘.

There is no catch – The prices people pay at these events are commonplace Police Auction prices; deals some traders who buy at Police Auctions want to keep secret … and who can blame them!

Well all that’s about to change when you register at GAUK Police Auctions, the whistle has been blown, you are about to get:

  • Real time addresses for all the Police Auctions and auctioneers across the country
  • Contacts and telephone numbers for auctioneers who hold auctions on behalf of the police
  • Dates and times of upcoming police sales
  • Inside information about the agents selling stock on behalf of the police
  • Council and government police auction information
  • Police stolen/recovered and lost and found sales…

ipads at police auctionYes! GAUK Police Auctions has the most comprehensive lists of auction insider information available anywhere in the country… and that’s a FACT!!

Remember! GAUK Police Auctions lists probably every auction house in the country who specialise or deal in police seized, lost & found, stolen & recovered items.

These sales are rarely promoted! The goods are sold for exactly what people on the day are prepared to pay!


Police stock sold at these events is generally entered for a quick sale.The police authority entered them to the sale because they just want them sold, and they go for the highest bid at the sale, regardless of how small it is!

So if there’s only you and a few others there you’ll be leaving with a great bargain and a huge smile!

These sales are being held right now as you are reading!

They really can be a bargain hunter’s heaven. The Police sell a myriad of goods at prices you could have previously dreamed of.

At the Police Auctions website you’ll find your opportunity to discover where and when these Police Sales happen. Through the auction search engine you will even be able to view the merchandise before you part with a penny.

Register now and happy hunting!

If you can’t find the Police Auction through GAUK it’s not happening … Guaranteed!

Save Coppers By Buying an Ex Police Car!!!

police car auctionsBy tracking down police vehicles that have served their time, you can buy an ex-pursuit car for a lot less than it would normally be worth.

Each year some ten million cars are sold in the UK. One and a half million of these are sold through auctions.

People can be wary of vehicle auctions because they worry that the cars may not be ‘straight’ or ‘legit’. BUT there’s one kind of auction where you can always guarantee that the cars on display are exactly what they say they are: Police Cars.

Only around 5,000 Police Cars are sold at Police Car auctions each year but if you know where to look, you can nick yourself a bargain for a good set of wheels. There are several auction houses commissioned by police forces to sell-off their old vehicles.

Police Car Sales usually take place every couple of weeks, and they are held right across the country.

Once a car has served its time, it’s stripped of all its Police markings, siren, radio, gun box and serviced, before going under the hammer. These vehicles may have done more miles than your average family runabout but, Police Cars are kept in tip-top condition. No expense is spared in keeping these motors immaculate and they receive the best parts, tyres, even oil.

The money raised from the sale of ex-Police Cars goes back to the police forces selling them. After the auctioneer fee and decommissioning costs it’s considered to be the most cost effective method open to the police when renewing their fleet. This is all good news for the consumer. If you’re willing to overlook some of the cosmetic scarring that can result from decommissioned Police vehicles then you can drive off having made a tidy saving. GAUK Auctions database lists every auctioneer where you can find police cars.

Police Lost & Found What happens to items handed into the Police and what are the criteria for them to end up in UK Police Auctions?

Usually the finder can keep the goods if they are not claimed within two months.

Occasionally the police may want to hold onto the goods if they suspect them to be stolen or suspect that the owner can be traced. The legal owner can claim their goods back up to one year after they have been handed over. If the police have handed the items to the finder they must retain them for a year. If the goods are found by the Police they can be disposed of at the discretion of the Chief Constable. 

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