Authenticated Internet Auctions

Authenticated Internet Auctions

About Authenticated Internet Auctions

Authenticated Internet Auctions is an online auction house, specialising in antique enamels, snuff boxes, jewellery and silverware.

Through our team of highly-experienced staff, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest pieces for auction. Authenticated Internet Auctions brings all the thrill of the auction room to life for everyone online, with our State of the Art website and specialised photography the experience you will get is one of totally confidence as if the articles are in your hand.

Our Low Buyers premiums should also make you feel that your purchases stay within your comfort zone and our 360° photography puts the article on your desk armchair or wherever you’re browsing We are so convinced that this is the future we are only selling online Viewing is now a pleasure not a pain. Categories Auctions Catalogue Enamels Gold Boxes Jewellery Objects Of Virtue Perfume Bottles Silverware Viennese Watches

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