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Bid4Assets, Inc - the largest seller of tax-defaulted properties on the Internet.

Bid4Assets is a leading real estate online auction website, having sold over 100,000 properties since 1999.  Bid4Assets auctions all types of properties, including rental properties, vacant land, fixer-uppers and commercial property.  Bid4Assets specializes in distressed auctions for the federal government, county tax-collectors, lenders and bankruptcy attorneys. Bid4Assets conducts federal forfeiture auctions for the U. S. Marshals Service and has conducted online tax foreclosure auctions for over 75 counties nationwide.

New county tax sales are coming throughout 2017. Whether you want to take advantage of the investment opportunity provided by tax sales or you are a County official looking for an easier, more efficient way to conduct your tax auction, Bid4Assets is your Web portal to opportunity. Upcoming County auctions are continuously added to the site's calendar. To stay appraised of all upcoming County auctions on Bid4Assets we encourage you to sign-up for our County Tax Sales email alert so we can notify you when new sales are introduced to the site. Buy Tax-Defaulted Property on Bid4Assets Bid4Assets offers tax-defaulted real estate - a great opportunity to acquire real estate at competitive prices - from Counties nationwide.

Bid4Assets makes it easy to take advantage of this great investment opportunity. Cold Feet Are What Started This Company In February 1999, Bid4Assets' founders, Norman Understein, Rick Zitelman and Jay French, were bidding on a $5 million building at a traditional auction in Baltimore, Maryland. It was cold, snowing, and a hundred investors stood outside for 2 hours, checks in hand. Our founders never got to use their check and went home frustrated with the process, knowing that there had to be a better way to buy and sell assets. Since that time, Bid4Assets has evolved to become a leading online auction marketplace that uses technology to maximize return for asset sales.

The company helps government and private industry by providing customized solutions such as online, traditional and webcast auctions, as well as Storefronts and Private Auction Exchanges. Bid4Assets focuses on high-end assets, selling real estate, personal property, bankruptcy claims and financial instruments to a worldwide network of buyers more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods. We have built our company to meet the needs of buyers and sellers.

By harnessing the efficiencies of the Internet with traditional full-service solutions, we make it easier for you to buy and sell assets from multiple categories. Buy & Sell from government and private industry Bid4Assets is a leading online auction site where serious buyers and sellers meet to find high-end assets such as land, cars, jewelry, artwork, coins, timeshares, computers, inventory, financial instruments, bankruptcy claims and more from government, non-profits and private sellers. Bid4Assets is a leading online auction marketplace.

We help government and private industry by providing customized solutions such as online, traditional and webcast auctions, as well as Storefronts and Private Auction Exchanges. Art Cars & Vehicles Coins Collectibles Computers Consumer Electronics Financial Instruments Industrial Equipment Inventory Jewelry Luxury Items Memorabilia Real Estate

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