Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain

Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain

About Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain

Founded nearly seventy years ago to promote and study all aspects of philately in British North America (Canada and its Provinces), the Society is happy to receive enquiries from interested potential members.

Auctions – two held each year The Society’s roots go back to the 1930’s when a small band of Scottish enthusiasts formed the Scottish Canadian Study Circle. After the Second World War in 1946 the Circle re-launched itself under our present name.

The aims of the Society include the promotion and study of all aspects of British North American philately. Membership is worldwide and there is, naturally, a strong representation in Canada and the USA. Whilst we encourage the more serious side of British North America (BNA) philately, we are very much aware of the social aspects and, to this end, our annual convention provides not only a philatelic programme, but also a social programme, with members’ partners firmly in mind.

Practicality dictates that our Society’s officers are drawn mostly from its UK members. Outstanding service may lead to the award of Fellowship. The wider membership is also eligible for a Fellowship nomination in recognition of published research that furthers the understanding and enjoyment of the BNA philately. Fellowship is not, as with some societies awarded on a time serving basis: it is an honour to be earned. In the 50 years since re-launch in 1946 less than 70 members have received the coveted award.

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