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Founded in 1985 by John Crane, Cato Crane has its origins in the 19th century Liverpool shipbuilding firm of ‘Cato Miller and Co’ and ‘Edwin Bathurst’s Benthall and Broseley Potteries’ in Shropshire.

As senior partner, John Crane has over 35 years experience in valuing and selling works of art and antiques. John is also a well known television and radio personality and writes for regional, national and specialist publications. Cato Crane hold auctions every month within the Stanhope Street auction rooms. Specialist auctions are held in other locations. Antique and Fine Art Auctions Antiques and Fine Art Auctions are held monthly and usually comprise an assemblage of good quality walnut, rosewood, mahogany and oak period and later furniture. Good silver, gold and jewellery, pictures and prints, pottery and porcelain and many interesting collectors objects of virtue may also be obtained at these auctions. Specialist Auctions Specialist auctions including Books, Beatles Memorabilia, Football, Maritime items and Pictures, etc are held periodically and when private collections are available for dispersal. General & Collectors’ Auctions Collectors auctions are held twice monthly and usually comprise of 19th and 20th century mahogany, oak and pine furniture. Quality collectors objects as well as general household goods may also be found in these auctions and are popular with both the trade and private collectors. Internet Auctions Antique and Fine Art auctions are supported through internet live bidding, ensuring maximum exposure and bidding facilities. Refreshments are available at the auctions from 9.00 am. Free on-road parking is available adjacent to both auction rooms; free public car parks are close by.

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