Dudley Singleton and Daughter

Dudley Singleton and Daughter

About Dudley Singleton and Daughter

Dudley is able to offer a broad expert knowledge in his field.

It is not an unusual working week for Dudley to negotiate the sale of a country house for £1 million plus, acquire a house in Europe on behalf of a retained client, value a pretty period cottage, give a probate valuation, or personally conduct a collective auction sale of country property including houses, grazing land and building land. Dudley Singleton and Daughter employ experienced pro active personnel who enjoy their work and therefore take pride in the service we offer. Dudley Singleton and Daughter have offices in London and Berkshire with an affiliated network of 350 offices throughout the UK

Property Auctions

Dudley Singleton is a Fellow of The National Association of Valuers & Auctioneers. Dudley Singleton has been auctioning property on a regular basis for over 30 years and is able to properly present a property for public auction. Not every property is suitable for public auction; there are many factors that should be taken into consideration before that decision is made. The major benefits of an auction are: * By competition a higher price may be achieved for a property than by normal treaty sale. * A date for the auction and completion date can be set at the outset of marketing, so plans can be made early. * At the fall of the hammer, the successful purchaser will be asked to sign the Contract of Sale and pay a deposit. Twenty eight days later that purchaser will be obliged to pay the remainder of the completion monies to the vendor’s solicitor and completion will take place.

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