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Auction Sales for the following companies and organisations on a fortnightly basis. On-site sales also take place where possible.

Act on behalf of *The Official Receiver *Liquidators, Receivers, Trustees and Accountants *Bailiffs, Local Authorities *Police *Logistics Companies *Manufacturers, end of line / Surplus stock Items sold include *Private and Commercial Vehicles *Industrial Plant and Machinery *Office and Household Furniture and Equipment *Computers and Peripherals *Catering Equipment *Recording Equipment *Camera Video and TV Equipment *Household Furniture *Jewellery, Watches *Pictures and Prints *Household items and furnishing *Clothing and Footwear *Textiles and Fabrics *Food, Drink, Spirits and Tobacco *General Goods etc The Auction Sale Starts at 11am unless otherwise stated Vehicles are auctioned at 12 noon which are lotted alphabetically. The sale may last anything from 2 to 5 hours, this is dependant on a number of things, number of lots to be sold, amount of repeat lots to be offered and general speed of bidding by customers. In general a normal sale will take 2 - 2½ hours. There are refreshments available. The whole site has wheelchair access. The bid price is not the amount you will pay, a buyers premium of 10% (5% on vehicles) plus VAT at the appropriate is due on the bid price. This adds approximately 30% to your bid price. Remember all lots are 'bought as seen' and once you have bid you cannot change your mind.

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