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The impact and reputation Martin & Associates has established within the arms, armor and related collectibles industry is easily documented by reviewing their achievements.

Auction Industry: Martin & Associates founded the Arms, Armor and Western Memorabilia department of Butterfield and Butterfield in 1986. Under Mr. Martin’s direction and leveraging the reputation he had established with collectors and dealers in this specific industry, Martin & Associates were able to develop that department to become the largest in the world with sales totaling over $200M in antique arms, armor, militaria and western historical memorabilia. It’s no surprise that in 2002 they were able to successfully launch their new auction firm the following year with an initial auction totaling over $4.5M. The new Greg Martin Auction firm grew in sales rapidly under their continued direction, reaching over $16M in sales in 2006 when the firm was sold to Spectrum International. Under his consultancy direction GMA/Spectrum sales continued to impress the industry with sales in 2010 totaling $14M. Martin & Associates built their reputation by building the most impressive client base in the industry. There is not a significant collector or dealer that Martin & Associates have not either sold to, bought from or consulted. Forty years of marketing on the inside cover of Man at Arms Magazine document the most important arms, armor and related collectables ever offered for sale.

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