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ALL AUCTIONS ARE CONDUCTED ON LINE Create an account In just a few easy steps, you can register to hear first about new items at great prices. Explore website Our goods are available as single items or pallets and are graded by standard of quality, including clothing, electricals, DIY tools, bikes, toys, clothing and house and garden ware. Start Bidding or Buying Check out our hot deals for containers and pallets filled with a variety of bargains that are ideal for businesses looking to make a profit. You can also find more money saving opportunities on eBay, Amazon store and Facebook App. Save Money With Us Some purchases could save you up to 90% on original purchase price. iForceAuctions is the leading Multi-channel Retailing solution for onward sale of all types of Raw Customer Returns, De-ranges, over stocks and end of line products. Selling single and bulk pallets to B2B customers across all market sectors. An established ebay seller. Site provides the platform for customers to bid and buy Top Brand products at discounted prices. Each pallet listed has a full manifest, enabling customers to bid on actual pallet items available. The Saltley site is located in the centre of Birmingham, with 105 thousand sqft warehouse, employing over 100 people. Saltley has been processing returns for the past 8 years. Handling £250m worth of returns or 4m items annually from relationships with 700+ Suppliers, Jobbers, outlets stores, electrical refurbisher's and certified destruction/recycling operators, and deal with 80,000 SKU's on a daily basis. All DIY stock will be located in Stafford iForce Auctions are Tesco's official B2B outlet helping customers save up to 90% on original prices. As the official retailer of Tesco's outlet stock, they have exclusive access to all clearance products, keeping you up to date on new offers and opportunities. iForce has eight sites located throughout the UK. Some are multi-client sites whilst others are dedicated to a single client. The company head office is located in Saltley, Birmingham.

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