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We have acted in 17,000 evictions

* We have acted for over 2,500 letting agents * We act for any residential and commercial landlords * Free advice until 5.30pm * Now you can also act online Landlord Action was set up by landlords, for landlords with problem tenants - tenants who are in rent arrears or break some other part of a tenancy agreement. Landlord/tenant law is a specialist area and we found solicitor charges were too much and too vague. When you have a bad tenant you want to evict them fast. Any landlord wants their bad tenant out. They want advice and help with the law. And that's what we do. We are experts in this area and, unlike solicitors, we only act for landlords, never tenants. And we'll help recover the outstanding rent. Our free advice line is open to all landlords and we have carried out thousands of evictions. Market Leaders in Evicting Bad Tenants * Evicted over 15,000 bad tenants since 1999 * We have acted for over 2,000 letting agents * Featured on ITV & BBC * We currently employ over 200 legally qualified Solicitors, Advocates & Barristers. * Free Legal Advice for landlords Our Services - Eviction service / Home - Debt recovery & tracing - Property insurance - Scotland evictions - Seminars - Evict squatters - For letting agents

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