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About Sweeney Kincaid


Twenty three years on - and with Headquarters in Glasgow - we still look for new solutions and different ways of thinking. Not to be wilfully different, but to offer our clients a consultive, problem solving service. We work across the entire range of industrial plant and machinery, from traditional to high technology. We`re also clear about what we don`t do. We are not dealer auctioneers (or principals). There are no conflicts of interest: we simply arrive at an accurate value and deliver the most cost effective way of realising it. We have conducted some of the UK`s (and the world`s) most significant sales, giving us a wealth of experience which we can bring to your project - large or small.

Our Business Approach Ours is the business of solving highly specialised problems - so we plan each and every project individually. That means a Director is always personally involved in your project - managing every process to ensure the right result. We`re also firm believers in unreserved sales. In our experience it`s far, far better to invite the right buyers than set reserves. Pure competition provides the best guarantee of making a sale. And if you`ve ever seen an auction where lots are not making their reserves, then you`ll know how quickly buyers become disenchanted. However, that`s not to say we allow lots to sell for ludicrously low prices. We have sound experience of holding back items and achieving the right price through negotiation.

Presentation and preparation Some people may find it a little odd that we take so much time and effort to present and prepare industrial plant and machinery. However, we think it strange to simply offer goods for sale without maximising their value. You`ll first see this point of difference in our brochures. Bold and clearly laid-out, they are produced by our in-house team to maximise accuracy and minimise turnaround times. We use the latest technology - including industry standard design software and digital cameras - ensuring the best possible first impression. Of course, we apply this approach to our international press advertising as well, including digital artwork despatch, which allows us to meet the tightest of time-scales. Then there is the auction itself. Plant and machinery is expertly presented - which not only helps buyers, but maximises value. And if you need to cast a wider net, we offer an extremely high standard of live auction broadcasting. Our investment in technology means remote buyers feel part of the auction - right down to small details such as on-screen currency conversion. After all, an auction is about selling.

Guaranteed minimum value When you're disposing of plant and machinery, how can you minimise risk and maximise reward? Reducing risk isn`t a problem: simply talk to a dealer auctioneer who will offer you a guaranteed sale- but at a low price. And the reward? That`s what the dealer auctioneer gets when they collect the upside. But there is a better way. We can happily offer you a guaranteed minimum value - secured through a bank bond. And the difference? The upside is yours. We can only offer this service because of our commitment to price data harvesting and analysis. In other words, we put our money where our mouth is. And you put the upside in your bank account.

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