TSG - The Train Collectors Organisation

TSG - The Train Collectors Organisation

About TSG - The Train Collectors Organisation

The Train Collectors Society is a voluntary run not for profit club for people who want to collect or operate toy trains and commercial model railways. We have no limitations as to gauge or scale, manufacturer, nationality or age - hence our slogan ‘Any make, Any gauge, Any age’. Our Purpose We offer an opportunity for like minded individuals to make contact, contribute their knowledge and experience, perhaps learn from others while enjoying this great hobby. Some members are interested in the mainstream British makers such as Hornby or Triang/Rovex Hornby - and we have some of THE experts on these trains among our members. But others enjoy and share more obscure tastes. such as the smaller British makers, the delights of French tinplate, the majesty of US Lionel, and the confusion and interest of Chinese made trains. The point of the TCS is that we are able to share these passions. Toy trains were not produced in isolation but from a very competitive and international industry. The TCS is a complement to the various single make clubs that exist (and indeed many of our members are also active in these associations) and provides opportunities and insights that no single make group could. Based in the UK and with most of the membership there we do have members in mainland Europe The US, Australasia and the far east.

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