Hot Property News: Magnates: The Hollywood Hunk Who’s Becoming Silicon Valley’s Savviest Investor

Life often imitates art, but perhaps never as strangely as in the case of Ashton Kutcher, the heart-throb US actor better known in Britain as Mr Demi Moore.

Radioactive Waste Sites

The dozen UK locations short-listed as possible sites for a deep underground radioactive waste depository have been named after most were kept secret for 15 years.

How to Make Astounding Profits from Property

The secret to making astounding profits from property is by buying dirt cheap.

Are Property Auctions a Closed Shop?

Why are property auctions shrouded in secrecy and considered to be a specialist process reserved for experts and those such as developers, landlords, professional investors and the like?

The Secret to Making Astounding Profits From Property

The secret to making astounding profits from property is by buying dirt cheap.

Government Property Auctions | Reasons to Attend a Government Property Auction for Prospective UK Buyers

Buying property at a government property auction in the UK can be highly profitable while remaining cost effective for the winning bidder.

Property Auctions in London; Finding Bargains in a Highly Competitive UK Market

A property auction in London is a great way for informed buyers to find real estate bargains.

Registration Reminder - Deadline Fast Approaching!

Last month we achieved many sales in excess of pre-lockdown results, indicating that the housing market is bouncing back

Hot Property News: Plastic Fantastic

These days, with credit generally drying up around the world (and it’s going to get a lot worse before it starts to get better), we really need to be utilising every facility at our disposal, and credit cards should not be overlooked as a cheap and effective means of purchasing property through auction.

Seel & Co Auction Results: 8 July 2020

Following a very successful July online auction with 75% of our lots sold...



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