Government Property Auctions | Reasons to Attend a Government Property Auction for Prospective UK Buyers

Buying property at a government property auction in the UK can be highly profitable while remaining cost effective for the winning bidder.

Inviting Entries Into June Property Auction

Our auctioneers pick for May is this ten-bedroom, fully-let, licensed HMO.

Fit for a princess. 5 homes for Meghan and Prince Harry

The royal wedding is fast approaching, but once the couple tie the knot, here's some options to live happily ever after.

Buying Unusual Homes From Property Auctions

Most people venturing into the world of property approach the market with fairly fixed objectives, sure of what they want and reasonably certain of what to expect from a purchase.

Property That’s Out-Of-This-World (Literally)

The sale of planetary land may sound, well, pie in the sky, but according to Moon Estates it's all legitimate and above board.

Germany's Property Gold Rush

German property prices have been stagnant for most of two decades.

Property Auction Guide Price Notes

Queries over the subject of auctioneers' guidelines constantly comes up from readers of HPN, and I felt I perhaps ought to re-address the subject.

Do I really Need a Valuer?

If you are buying for restoration and resale, unless you are very confident of your own abilities and judgment you may well feel you need guidance from a builder on costs and from a selling agent on your eventual realisation figure.

House that looks like Hitler

At first glimpse it looks like any other, but peer closer and you might begin to see why this ordinary house in Swansea has become one of the most discussed properties in the UK.

We Made £6m From Goan Beach Huts

At the turn of the millennium Laila Ram was looking for a new start.



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