Hot Property News: Buy to Let, Spotlight On Cumbria

It’s a slightly surreal sight, but coach loads of Japanese tourists descend upon Hill Top, the Lake District house once famously occupied by Beatrix Potter with surprising regularity.

Self-Catering Insurance Claims To Avoid

Providing ‘extras’ at your self-catering holiday home for guests to use can seem an innovative way of standing out from your competition.

Free Holidays For Life - And No Timeshare

A place in the country? The beauty of the holiday lettings market is that it gives you the chance to choose an investment in a place where you already feel at home.

Hot Property News: All About Licences

A license is where someone is given permission to occupy a property or room but does not acquire the rights of a tenant.

Hot Property News: Do You Really Need A Valuer?

If you are buying for restoration and resale, unless you are very confident of your own abilities and judgment you may well feel you need guidance from a builder on costs and from a selling agent on your eventual realisation figure.

Hot Property News: Buy-To-Let Q & A

Q: What should I be thinking about before deciding whether or not to get into buy-to let?

Hot Property News: Leases And Tenancies

I write about two separate subjects this month, although related.

10 Elementary Property Renovation Mistakes

I recently showed a valuer around my latest ‘refurb’ project so I can refinance it and get all my money back out.

Hot Property News: Dealing With Estate Agents Top Tip

When putting in an offer, say the price and then nothing. Silence. Any other comment you make puts you at a disadvantage.

Hot Property News: How To Invest With Care & Attention

Property investor Shane Diamond shares with us some tips that he practices to keep him out of trouble.



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