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Thu, Aug 13, 2020 12:52 AM
Instructed by the Board of Directors of Kirkdale Industrial Training Services Ltd upon cessation of trade.  
  • Bids Close from 10am, Thursday 20th August 2020
  • Viewing: Wednesday 19th August 2020 - strictly by appointment (COVID-19 guidelines apply) 
  • Location: Brighouse, West Yorkshire    
  • Buyers Premium: 15%
Available Assets: 
  • MOTOR VEHICLE WORKSHOP: BRADBURY 40 Series 6 Tonne, 4 Post Lift; ZAVAGLI 2.5 Tonne 2 Post Lift; ROTARY 2 Tonne, 2 Post Lift; HOFMAN Equipment inc: Monty 1150 Tyre Station, Geodynamic 1050 Balancer, Dynaliner 2000/4000; TEXA Kenfort 720R A/C Recharger; Multi Pegaso Emission analyser; AUDI TT Quattro V6 (07/07); FERAX 6 Drawer Mobile Tool Chests (with tools);  SEALEY Superline Mobile Tool Chest (with tools); Bearing Press, Beam Aligners, Parts Cleaner, Jacking Beam; Body Repair Kits; etc. Fume Extraction System; Stock of Engines, Tranmissions and other components. Engine Hoists, Axle Stands, Wheel Lifters, Transmission Stands, Trolley Jacks (to 10,000kg); Toe Jacks, Engine Stands, Jerry Cans, Socket Sets; Impact Wrenches and other Tools; Test Engines & Gearbox; Workbenches: PPE - Overalls, Boots etc.      
  • SITE SUPPORT: MITSUBISHI 15 LPG Forklift Truck (100 hours Only); JCB Beaver Powerpack (New); Compression Plant; 40' Shipping Containers; Tractor Salt Spreader/Snow Plough; Machine Skates, Jet Washers; Bottle Storage Cages. 
  • CONFERENCE & ADMINISTRATION: Laptops and Desktops by DELL, HP and others (x150); Conference/Classroom Furniture inc Flip-top, Folding and Stackable tables (x100); Banquet, Meeting and Stacking chairs (x300); Personnel Lockers. Catering Equipment and Canteen furniture; Wide Range of Administration furniture, Storage Cabinets, Seating etc.  
Contact us:
T: 0113 848 0101
P: Walker Singleton, No. 1 Aire Street, Leeds LS1 4PR
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