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Car Auctions: Where Great Deals Await!

Discover cars, vans, and vehicles at unbeatable prices, up to 50% below book value, only at car auctions. Whether you’re looking to secure a steal or flip for a juicy profit, car auctions are the go-to destination.

At GAUK Motors, our platform is trusted by both car traders and the general public. We bring you an extensive collection of car auction listings, featuring thousands upon thousands of vehicles each week. In fact, GAUK Motors outshines any other website when it comes to the sheer volume of cars available for auction.

These exclusive vehicles cannot be found on popular platforms like eBay or Autotrader. GAUK Motors is your ultimate resource for accessing a diverse range of cars that are simply unmatched by any other website.

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Vehicle auctions are used by:

Police for sale of proceeds of crime, police vehicles and seized vehicles

Custom & Excise for seized goods and proceeds of crime

Tax Departments for seized property

Bailiffs to dispose of vehicles with defaulted loans

Department of Defense. Buy a tank!

Bankrupt and Liquidation specialists, and many other organisations…

Revolutionizing the Car Auction Experience: Unveiling Unbeatable Deals

Gone are the days of shady car traders lurking in dimly lit corners, peddling unwanted vehicles. Car auctions have undergone a remarkable transformation into a thriving MULTI-BILLION pound industry. Surprisingly, there are countless reputable car auction houses across Britain, offering an extensive range of vehicles to suit every preference. You might be amazed to discover that most of these auction houses have remained under the radar.

To get a glimpse of the action, watch the video below featuring one of the UK’s largest car auctioneers. GAUK Motors simplifies your search by providing a single comprehensive database, enabling you to explore and compare ALL the available stock from car auctioneers nationwide.

With GAUK Motors, you can simultaneously search for cars, vans, and commercials across England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. By following GAUK’s expert guidance on researching and assessing vehicles, you’ll unlock the opportunity to acquire your desired vehicles at breathtakingly low prices.

Nowhere else will you find such a vast collection of cars coming up for auction in one convenient location. From classic cars to ex-police vehicles, from massive earth movers to trusty white vans, and from former utility vehicles to sleek motorbikes, the options are endless.

Rest assured, most vehicles on auction are in excellent condition, and any faults must be disclosed by the auctioneer. These vehicles have typically reached the end of their contract with hire or lease companies, or company directors simply adhere to a policy of refreshing their fleet every two years. Regular servicing and meticulous maintenance, regardless of cost, ensure that even at retail price (book value), they offer remarkable value for money. However, with discounts of 10%, 20%, or even 50% off, the deals found at car auctions are nothing short of exceptional.

  • Discover a wide range of vehicles at car auctions, including cars, vans, HGVs, plant & equipment, motorbikes, motorhomes, and caravans.
  • Gain access to vehicles directly from major manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Kia, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, and Volvo.
  • Source vehicles from lease and finance companies, company fleets, local authorities, motor dealers, and other reliable sources.
  • Find options to fit every budget, ranging from affordable choices to prestigious and exotic vehicles.
  • Take advantage of various auctions held at different times, catering to different needs. Explore specialist vehicle auctions, ex-lease vehicle auctions, auctions featuring quality part-exchange cars, and more.

    NOT Every Vehicle Sold at Car Auctions Will be Heavily Discounted

    Picture this: a dazzling sales page promising massive discounts, unbelievable bargains, and slashed prices on any vehicle. It’s tempting, isn’t it? We could easily craft such a page, boasting the largest selection of below retail price vehicles in the entire country.

    But here at GAUK Motors, our priority is to assist and ensure that you make the most of our service without any false illusions. Let’s be realistic – strolling into the nearest car auction, placing a few bids, and driving away with a one-year-old vehicle at 50% of its value is a rarity. The outcome depends on various factors such as the auction, the day, and the level of competition. However, fear not, for you possess a distinct advantage!

    With GAUK Motors, your chances of uncovering a steal are significantly enhanced. Our platform grants you access to every legitimate and reputable car auctioneer in the UK. You can effortlessly locate upcoming events, browse a vast array of vehicles available for sale online, and envision GAUK Motors as the ultimate car auction catalogue. Our aim is to achieve comprehensive coverage, including cars, vans, commercials, plant machinery, and motorbikes, spanning every auction and county in the UK.

    To optimize your auction experience, conducting thorough research is crucial. Determine the vehicle you desire and establish a price based on the current market. Armed with this information, utilize GAUK to discover a selection of car auctions that align with your preferences. While online bidding is an option, we highly recommend attending the auction in person. After all, buying a car over the phone from a trader isn’t the most prudent choice, is it?

    If you know where to go and what to look for, astonishing bargains await you at these car auctions. Just imagine snagging a Jaguar XJS Le Mans for a mere £4500! The range of vehicles available at auctions covers the entire spectrum – from regular executive cars to sports cars and utility vehicles. Let GAUK Motors guide you in finding the best car auctions and timing your bids to perfection. Prepare yourself to uncover a bargain that will leave you elated.

    Presently, vehicle auctions are taking place across the nation, and GAUK Motors provides you with real-time access to this realm of opportunity. Our list of car auctions seems never-ending, with one auctioneer featured on GAUK Motors selling over 800,000 vehicles annually.

    Cars, vans, and commercials can all be acquired with a stunning auction discount. The exciting part? You’re about to learn exactly where and how to obtain them!

    Throughout the length and breadth of the UK, hundreds of unpublicized car, van, and commercial vehicle auctions take place, offering an extensive range of vehicles, sometimes with no reserve. The best part? Anyone can attend, including you!

    These sprawling car auction rooms are teeming with vehicles that often appear unbelievably affordable, prompting you to question whether there’s a catch. But let us assure you, there isn’t! The prices you’ll pay are just everyday car auction prices, which some traders prefer to keep secret. And who can blame them?

    Why settle for retail prices when you can go straight to the source? While car dealerships have traditionally been the go-to option for car purchases, the trade itself sources the right vehicles from auctions. These cars are usually well-maintained and in top condition, requiring only a valet. However, dealerships need to cover their overheads, VAT (if registered), and turn a profit, often adding approximately 20% to the auction price. Unfortunately, when dealers secure fantastic deals at auctions, those savings are rarely passed on to the consumer. But now, you have the power to buy directly and allocate your savings to the “Beer Fund.”

    It’s simple once you know-how. GAUK Motors provides you with a straightforward, searchable database of car auctions, including crucial details such as dates, times, catalogues, and contact information. Once you make your first affordable vehicle purchase through GAUK, you’ll wonder why you ever paid retail. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself using GAUK to uncover incredible bargains in various categories!

    And don’t worry if you’re not a car dealer; perhaps you’re just seeking an economical runaround or a bargain Porsche. We have you covered with our comprehensive “Buying at Car Auctions Guides,” equipping you with all the necessary information:

    • Real-time addresses
    • Contacts and telephone numbers
    • Dates and times of upcoming sales
    • Insider information on agents
    • Council and government tenders
    • Police and bankruptcy sales

    That’s right! GAUK Motors guarantees the most extensive lists of cars, vans, commercial vehicles, and auction information available anywhere in Britain.

    We provide you with invaluable car auction information that you can immediately leverage, enabling you to partake in the excitement and seize those car auction bargains!

    These sales are a well-kept secret!

    But why aren’t these sales advertised?

    Firstly, they don’t need to be. Most car auction houses have established contracts for stock disposal and a loyal following of those who are “in the know.”

    Secondly, the vehicles sold at these venues are there for a quick sale. The individuals, companies, or organizations that submit the vehicles want them gone, and they go to the highest bidder on the day, often without consideration for the vehicle’s specifics!

    So, if there are only a handful of bidders, including you, attending the auction, you’ll likely walk away with a fantastic bargain and an enormous smile!

    Car and van auctions are not only frequented by regular buyers but also utilized by various entities:

    • The police for selling proceeds of crime, police vehicles, and seized vehicles
    • Customs & Excise
    • Bailiffs
    • Tax collectors
    • Department of Defense
    • Bankrupt and liquidation specialists, among others…

    As you read this, these car sales are taking place throughout Britain!

    At GAUK Motors, we present you with the opportunity to uncover when and where these sales occur. Through our newsletter and online service, you can even learn how to view the cars before making any financial commitment.

    Discover how you can attend and participate!

    GAUK Motors has become an invaluable companion to:

    • Companies of all sizes
    • Private individuals
    • Traders
    • Importers and exporters, and the list goes on!

    Once you access the Member’s area, you’ll gain access to what is arguably the most sizzling real-time car and van bargain opportunity available anywhere.

    You’ll discover where car auctions are held, how to participate in bidding, which cars to target and which to avoid, how to obtain car auction lists and catalogs, how to inspect vehicles before placing a bid, and a vast Car Buyers Guides & Reports section. We also provide guidance on where and how to sell the vehicles you acquire through successful bids.

    Today, you can access a wealth of car auction information. Our database includes the most comprehensive used car buyers guide ever written: “Never Ever Get Shafted When Buying a Used Vehicle!”

    You’ll find real-time names and addresses for auctions, tenders, and agents. Utilizing our unique search facilities, you can track down car sales happening in your local area or across the entirety of Britain.

    Our online service enables you to find the vehicles you’re interested in with ease. Simply type in your criteria, and voila! A list of sales featuring cars in your area of interest will be at your fingertips.

    And that’s not all!

    You’ll discover numerous excellent ideas on how to sell the stock you acquire. The information we provide ensures that you never have to pay retail prices for anything ever again!

    Register now and delve into our car and van auction database. Happy hunting!

    If you can’t find the car, van, or commercial vehicle you’re looking for at GAUK Motors, rest assured it’s not being sold at auction anywhere in Britain. We guarantee it!


    10 Questions People Ask About Car Auctions

    • What is a car auction?
      A car auction is an event where vehicles are sold to the highest bidder. It is a popular way to buy and sell vehicles, offering a wide range of options and potential bargains.
    • How do car auctions work?
      During a car auction, vehicles are presented for bidding, and interested buyers place their bids. The highest bidder at the end of the auction becomes the new owner of the vehicle.
    • Who can participate in car auctions?
      Car auctions are typically open to the public, allowing anyone to participate. Both individual buyers and dealers can attend and bid on vehicles.
    • Are car auctions only for used cars?
      No, car auctions offer a variety of vehicles, including used cars, classic cars, salvage vehicles, commercial vehicles, and even brand new vehicles. The available inventory can vary depending on the auction.
    • How can I find car auctions near me?
      You can find car auctions near you by searching online, checking local classifieds, or contacting auction houses. Additionally, platforms like GAUK Motors provide comprehensive information about car auctions across the UK.
    • Can I inspect the vehicles before bidding?
      Yes, most car auctions allow potential buyers to inspect the vehicles before the auction begins. It’s important to carefully examine the condition of the vehicle and consider factors like mileage, maintenance history, and any potential damages.
    • Can I test drive the vehicles before buying?
      In most cases, test drives are not allowed during car auctions. However, you can usually start the engine and listen for any unusual sounds or vibrations.
    • How do I bid at a car auction?
      To bid at a car auction, you need to register as a bidder, obtain a bidding number, and adhere to the auction rules. Bids are typically made by raising your hand, showing your bidding number, or using other designated methods specified by the auctioneer.
    • What happens if I win the bid?
      If you win the bid, congratulations! You will be required to complete the necessary paperwork and payment processes. It’s important to review the auction terms and conditions to understand the payment methods and deadlines.
    • What should I consider when buying a vehicle at an auction?
      Before buying a vehicle at an auction, it’s essential to set a budget, research the market value of the vehicle you’re interested in, thoroughly inspect the vehicle, and be aware of any additional fees or commissions charged by the auction house. It’s also wise to understand the auction’s policies regarding returns, warranties, and vehicle history reports.

    Remember, participating in a car auction requires preparation, knowledge, and careful decision-making. It can be an exciting way to find a great deal on a vehicle, but it’s crucial to approach it with awareness and understanding.