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Plant and Machinery Auctions selling a wide range of commercial vehicles & industrial equipment on behalf of Local Businesses, Finance Houses, Banks, Private Traders, Main Agents and the general public. Plant & Machinery Auctions are held throughout the country on a daily basis. To find out more details regarding a particular auctions please click on a link below…

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Real time addresses for all the Plant and Machinery auctions across Britain

Contacts and telephone numbers for auctioneers who hold Plant and Machinery Auctions

Dates and times of upcoming Plant and Machinery sales

Machinery Auctions

GAUK’s machinery auctions database gives you up-to-the-minute information about auctions, auctioneers, places, dates, times, estimates and reserves. With GAUK as your partner you will be able to re-stock your plant, machinery and commercial vehicles for much less than through traditional channels. We list ALL the agents and auctioneers used to dispose of Machinery, and a massive range of light and heavy industrial and agricultural equipment, stolen & recovered and liquidated stock. Check out the listings by test driving the database…

Plant and Machinery auction lots are uploaded daily by auctioneers and at GAUK you can bid online safely and confidentially. Our machinery auctions database will help you find the unpublicised auctions that are selling high quality, modern plant often with no reserve meaning you could be securing an unbelievable bargain!

Industrial Machinery Auctions UK

Industrial machinery auctions UK are the ideal places to get your fleet started or upgraded. Why buy new when you can pick up fully working, recent model equipment at a price YOU are prepared to pay? There’s nothing like a a great deal, and the bargains you can get from UK plant auctions are out of this world.

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How will GAUK help me locate Machinery Auctions?

At GAUK you will find all the information our contacts send us in easy to search, bid online format. You will not find much this stuff anywhere else … Guaranteed

    All over the country are hundreds of little known and unpublicised Plant & Machinery auctions selling a vast range of goods, property and transport sometimes WITH NO RESERVE, and anyone can bid … even YOU!

    Plant and Machinery Auctions

    These auctions can save you a great deal of money on retail prices. So where do you find the auctions that give you the best chance of driving off with plant or commercial machinery for significantly less than its commercial value?

    When you subscribe to GAUK you will get the insider information you need to track down that elusive item and bid on the best plant and machinery in the country. Visit unpublicised auctions with no reserve, where quick sales are imperative and bargains are the order of the day!

    There is no catch – The hammer price is the price you pay (plus commissions); prices some traders who buy at Plant and Machinery auctions want to keep under their hat!


    • Real time addresses for all the Plant and Machinery auctions across Britain
    • Contacts and telephone numbers for auctioneers who hold auctions of Plant and Machinery
    • Dates and times of upcoming Plant and Machinery sales
    • Inside information on who the agents selling Plant and Machinery on behalf of government agencies and liquidators
    • Council and government tenders
    • Plant and Machinery bankruptcy sales…

      Remember! GAUK lists probably every auction house in the country who specialise or deal in Plant and Machinery goods. These sales are rarely advertised! The goods can often be bought for breathtaking prices!


      Plant and Machinery stock sold at these auctions is often entered for a quick sale. The Plant and Machinery organisation put them into the sale will want them sold, and they go for the highest bid on the day, providing it meets the reserve if there is one, regardless of what it is!

      So if there’s only you and a few others bidding you could be leaving with a great bargain and a huge smile! These sales are happening right now, as you are reading!

      Here at GAUK is your opportunity to discover where and when these Plant and Machinery sales happen. Through the newsletter and online service you will even discover how to view the merchandise before you part with a penny.

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      If you can’t find the Plant and Machinery auction information you’re looking for at GAUK Plant & Machinery Auctions it’s not being sold at auction in Britain … Guaranteed.

      Yes! GAUK has the most comprehensive lists of Plant and Machinery auction insider information available anywhere in Britain…