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Upcoming Horse Sales & Listings of ALL Horse & Pony, Tack & Equine Auctions, Livestock & Bloodstock Agencies Across the Country

Let GAUK Horse Auctions help you find the best quality horses for sale at upcoming horse sales thanks to our real-time search of equine auction information.

GAUK Horse Auction category operates the nation’s largest constantly updated database of horse and pony auctions and auctioneer information with horse auction prices. Allowing you to get first look at unpublicised auctions where traders and insiders deal in the real quality horses at great prices!

GAUK’s comprehensive auction list will help you find cheap horses for sale as a dealer or as a private individual. We supply all the up-to-the-minute information you need to get first choice at the best horse auctions.

How Do I Find Horse Auctions Near Me?

Search Quality Horses for Sale at Horse And Equine Auctions Across The UK

Real time addresses for all the Horse Auctions and auctioneers across Britain

Contacts and telephone numbers for auctioneers

Dates and times of upcoming Bloodstock Sales

Equine Auctions

Ride away on the best deal of your life thanks to GAUK’s equine auctions information service. When you register with GAUK you get unparalleled access to trade and insider information about high quality auctions, often with no need for reserve and a requirement for quick sales. The horses sold at these auctions are of superb quality and suitable for a variety of purposes.

GAUK lets you in on the knowledge that the trade tries to keep a secret – where to go for amazing race horses, stallions, working horse and riding horses. Take advantage of what we know today.

Horse Auctions

The information we possess will help you find horse sales auctions anywhere in the country, on any day of the year. With a host of reliable ancillary information – including names, addresses, auctioneers, contact details, dates, times and locations – the GAUK Horse Auctions database is your invaluable tool for finding better horses at cheaper prices.

GAUK will help you find the perfect animal or animals for your needs. Don’t leave it to luck – let GAUK help you buy with ease.

We list ALL the agents and auctioneers used to sell Horse and Equine produce across Britain.

    GAUK notifies you by alerts, updating the auctions and catalogues daily with coverage of thousands of sales

    Horse Auctions and Equine Sales of anything to do with The World of Horses: Horses, Ponies, Horse Tack and Thoroughbreds

    How will GAUK Horse Auctions Search Tools Help me locate Horse and Equine Auctions?

    We provide you with information about horse auctions in the country. No matter where in the UK the horse auction is being held, you can find out how to attend through our comprehensive library of horse auction guides. Whether you are looking for a New Forest Pony, an Arabian stallion, a manageable Cob or simply a great pony to ‘bring on’, you can find it almost anything at various horse auctions in Britain. For more information on horse auctions in the UK, and everything else equestrian:

    Click Here For Horse and Equine Auction Information

    GAUK Horse & Bloodstock Auction listings is a massive web-based database, full of contacts dates, times, regions, and a ton of other information designed to help you find the most fantastic deals on a huge range of horse related items; it also provides you with a definitive guide to Horse and Equine auctions and agents!!

    At GAUK you will find all the invaluable information our Horse and Equine contacts send us.

    All over Britain are hundreds of little known and unpublicised Horse and Equine auctions selling a vast range of animals, and anyone can attend… even YOU!

    There is no catch – The prices you will be paying just everyday auction prices; prices some horse traders who buy at Horse and Equine auctions want to keep secret and we don’t blame them.

    Well all that’s about to change, you are about to get:

    • Real time addresses for all the Horse and Equine auctions and auctioneers across Britain
    • Contacts and telephone numbers for auctioneers who hold auctions of Horse and Equine related goods
    • Dates and times of upcoming Horse and Equine sales
    • Inside information about the agents selling bloodstock on behalf of the Horse and Equine sellers

    Yes! GAUK Horse Auctions has the most comprehensive lists of Horse and Equine auction information available anywhere in Britain… GUARANTEED!

    We talk to the horse people with the right horse information!

    Remember! GAUK Horse & Bloodstock Auctions lists probably every auction house in the country who specialise or deal in Horse and Equine related goods.

    So there’s every chance you’ll trot off with a great animal and a huge smile!

    These sales are happening right now, as you are reading!

    The Horse and Equine auctioneers are selling everything you could imagine at prices you could have previously dreamed of.

    Here at the GAUK Horse & Bloodstock Auction website is your opportunity to discover where and when these Horse and Equine sales happen. Through the newsletter and online service you will even discover how to view the animals before you part with a penny.

    Register now and happy hunting … Tally ho!

    If you can’t find the Horse and Equine auction information you’re looking for at GAUK Horse Auction listings it’s not being sold at auction in Britain… Guaranteed.

    These sales are happening right now, as you are reading!

    Horse & Tack Available at Horse Auctions

    Stallions at Stud

    Allrounder Stallions

    Andalusian Stallions

    Appaloosa Stallions

    Arabian Stallions

    Coloured Stallions

    Driving Stallions

    Irish Draught Stallions

    Miniature Stallions

    Performance Stallions

    Pony Stallions

    Show Stallions

    Spotted Stallions

    Western Stallions


    Allrounder Horses




    Appaloosa Horses

    Arabian Horses

    Broodmare Horses

    Coloured Horses

    Driving Horses

    Irish Draught Horses

    Miniature Horses

    Mountain & Moorland

    Performance Horses


    Professional Yards

    Showing – Over 15hh

    Showing – Ponies up to 15hh

    Tuition Clinics Training & Livery

    Warmblood Horses

    Western/Quarter Horses

    Youngstock Horse

    Horse Auctioneers

    Aberdeen & Northern Marts


    Barber & Son

    Blandford Auction Rooms

    Boulton & Cooper

    CCM Auctions

    Clitheroe Auction Mart Ltd.

    Connery Fogarty Hunt Auctioneers


    Daniel & Hulme

    David James & Partners

    Doncaster Bloodstock Sales

    Fairfax & Co.

    Frank R. Marshall & Co.

    Fred Davis & Co.

    Go ANM

    Greenslade Taylor Hunt

    Harrison & Hethrington Ltd.

    Hawes Auction Mart Livestock Market

    Henry H Bletsoe & Son

    Hinson Parry

    Holmfirth Livestock Market

    J J Morris

    J Straker Chadwick & Son

    John Swan Auctioneers

    Jones Peckover Auctioneers

    Kendal Auction Rooms


    KVN Stockdale

    Lambert & Foster

    Lancaster Auction Mart

    Lawrie & Symington Auctioneers

    Lister Haigh Livestock Auctioneers

    Lodge & Thomas

    Michael Walton Valuer & Auctioneer

    Morris, Marshall & Poole

    Nock Deighton Auction Centre

    Norman Lloyd & Co

    Oswestry Cattle Auctions

    Pygott & Crone

    Robert Bell & Co.

    Shetland Seafood Auctions Ltd

    South & Stubb Auctioneers

    Southern Counties Auctioneers

    Stephen Roberts Auctioneers Ltd.

    Symonds & Sampson


    Thame Farmers Auction

    Thimbleby & Shorland

    Thornton & Linley

    United Auctions

    Warner Sheppard & Wade Ltd

    Welshpool Livestock Sales

    Wharfedale Farmers Auction Mart Ltd


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