Buy-To-Let Rental Boom

There aren’t many things that everyone in the country can agree on.

Woodland is a perfect investment for those who like to get rich slow

I’ve always rather liked the idea of owning my own wood, where we can take the kids for days out, maybe camp there, build a little hut, fish in a stream, hunt, and that going-back-to-nature sort of thing.

Sometimes you just can’t find the right property for the right price in the right area.

There’s just nothing in estate agents’ windows. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for sale; just that there’s nothing overtly being sold. It ’s at times like this that you have to go out and hunt.

Hot Property News: Good Landlords Key To Success

Specialise in houses in one area; this way you get to know the best streets, the going rate for rent, and value of houses.

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A Change Is As Good As A Rest: Uprooting, Relocating Or Staying Put

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Alternative Investments : The Most Original New Investment Concepts

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There are many ways to make money out of property. Here we explore an alternative to the familiar buy-to-let or redevelopment strategies.

Hot Property News: Buy At 50% of Value, let For 100%; double your yield

Why not look more closely at unmortgageable property?

Land And Property … For Free!

Possessory Title is a legal term which applies when someone claims a piece of land or an abandoned property and uses it for a commercial venture or simply as a home to live in and pays absolutely nothing for it.

Hot Property News: Pro Tips For leasehold Buyers

A rather pretty flat within a handsome period building located in the centre of London came up for auction recently, through McHugh & Co.



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