Hot Property News: 10 Buy To Let Tips

This is part of the mastermind theory of having a supportive team around you.

Hot Property News: Auctioneers Insider Secrets

Before I begin my soliloquy for this month, I have a salutary tale to tell.

The Multiple Advantages Of Student Lets

Insider Secrets: Auctioneers’ Knowledge Tips & Hints From The Pro’s

It May Be Snakes & Ladders, But Keep In The Game

COVID has certainly shook up the planet yet the great British public remains optimistic on property prices.

Sometimes the very best bargains on the market are repossessions by a bank or building society

Whatever the state of the property market, there are always repossessions for sale and certainly they can often be acquired at under market value

Hot Property News: Avoiding That 1-In-200 Mistake

Insider Secrets: I am not quite sure whether it is out of pride or pure habit that in the speech I give before every auction I record its number in the sequence of auctions that I have run.

Hot Property News: Don’t Be Tempted To Lease Your Roof For Solar Panels

When the huge subsidy payments were first introduced, we could see how installing solar panels might make sense if you paid for them yourself.

Hot Property News: Property Development Profits

This is the story about a property, a Victorian townhouse, in a local village to where I live that I purchased prior to auction for a bit of a steal.

Hot Property News: Protected Tenancies Under The Rent Act 1977

Buying To Let: Expert Landlords’ Letting Experience & Instruction

Hot Property News: Property Investment – An Overview

Valuable Advice And Support From Those ‘In The Know’



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