We Made £6m From Goan Beach Huts

At the turn of the millennium Laila Ram was looking for a new start.

Top 10 Tips on Moving Abroad

Moving Abroad tips. From the philosophical to the practical, these top 10 tips will help you plan for a temporary or permanent move abroad.

Date of the next auction: 3 July 2018

Auction Addendum Seel & Co

For Sale :: Glorious Aristo built Cyprus Villa

This glorious Aristo built Cyprus Villa is set on a private road of twelve exclusive villas with private gardens and pools you’ll find your prestigious destination.

Thinking Of Buying A Property In Portugal Or Greece?

Small European country. Glorious history; rather less illustrious present. Nice place to go for a beach holiday. And about to go bust within the euro. It's a good description of Greece. But actually, we're talking about Portugal.

What are Property Licenses?

A license is where someone is given permission to occupy a property or room but does not acquire the rights of a tenant.

A Fatal Mistake to Avoid As An Investor

Cash is the oxygen that enables a business to survive and prosper and is the primary indicator of business health. While a business can survive for a short time without sales or profits, without cash it will die.

Dig Deep And Unearth Bargains That Aren’t Even on the Market

If the number one attribute of a successful investor is persistence, and the second main attribute is creative thinking, then the third must surely be communication.

3 weeks until our next auction | Hair & Son

We are pleased to announce that the latest list for our next auction is available. There’s a huge variety of property types yet again, with something for every auction-goer at our auctions.

Seel & Co Auction 15th May 2018

We have a selection of residential, development, commercial, land and investments across the whole of South Wales including:



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