Hot Property News: Turning Cost Into Profit

Throwing money at property may seem like a surefire way of increasing value and making a quick sale.

Why So Many Cash Property Buyers?

Caveat Emptor. What percentage of houses in the UK are bought with cash?

10 Compelling Benefits Of Commercial Property

It would be wrong to suggest that commercial property doesn’t have its disadvantages and drawbacks, but there are also many benefits to owning this kind of investment asset. What follows are 10 ways in which you can benefit from investing in commercial property.

Hot Property News: Buy to Let, A Cunning Plan

Buying To Let: Expert Landlords’ Letting Experience & Instruction

Hot Property News: How To Decide Which Properties To Buy

A few years ago I surprised even myself: I’d completed on one property, I’d another completing shortly, and had offers accepted on fourteen others.

Hot Property News: All About YPS and Yeilds

Insider Secrets: Auctioneers’ Knowledge Tips & Hints From The Pro’s

Hot Property News: Where does auction property come from?

Many property auction newcomers wonder where the stocks of houses that fall under the hammer come from.

Hot Property News: Property Trends

When looking at how we predict house price trends, there are 3 key influences to review; those that will have the major influence on house prices in the UK.

Hot Property News: Should I Buy In France In These Uncertain Times?

The euro debt crisis increasingly resembles a teenage horror film.

Hot Property News: Investing In Scotland

We have been investing for 12 years – and sourcing for over 7 – and having sourced over 2000 properties over this time – I would say we must be amongst the most experienced property investors within this magazine each month.



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