Glossary of Building Terms

A glossary of building terms used in the uk

Wilsons Auctions Dalry host their next Scottish Land and Property Auction

Wilsons Auctions Dalry host their next Scottish Land and Property Auction with an outstanding selection of development opportunities both in Scotland and further afield. From a detached Victorian villa, townhouses, terrace properties, a seaside flat, commercial properties and much more, there's something for everyone.

Just What Powers do The Bailiffs Really Have in the UK?

If you owe someone money, they may try to collect the debt using a bailiff or debt collector. If these people contact or visit you, you need to know how to deal with them, and what your rights and obligations are.

Property Magnates: Entrepreneurs’ Stories, Opinions & Secrets of Success

After living a year in London, Australian backpacker James Finlayson was tired of living on £100 a week. “When I first arrived it was OK, but I soon realised I needed more money.”

Inviting Entries Into June Property Auction

Our auctioneers pick for May is this ten-bedroom, fully-let, licensed HMO.

Fit for a princess. 5 homes for Meghan and Prince Harry

The royal wedding is fast approaching, but once the couple tie the knot, here's some options to live happily ever after.

10th May hosts another Dalry Property Auction!

Next Thursday, Wilsons Auctions will once again host the Scottish Land and Property Auction. Starting at 6pm, the Dalry team prepare a catalogue showing a range of commercial, residential and development opportuniites. 

Buying Unusual Homes From Property Auctions

Most people venturing into the world of property approach the market with fairly fixed objectives, sure of what they want and reasonably certain of what to expect from a purchase.

Property That’s Out-Of-This-World (Literally)

The sale of planetary land may sound, well, pie in the sky, but according to Moon Estates it's all legitimate and above board.

Germany's Property Gold Rush

German property prices have been stagnant for most of two decades.



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