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The majority of surplus and ex Ministry of Defence goods are sold under the Disposal Services Authority.

Although they sell very little themselves they contract out to others.  Their site holds information on all the links to their suppliers. DSA

With its history of providing complete disposal solutions for the armed forces, The Disposal Services Authority (DSA) uniquely offers a comprehensive portfolio covering everything from advice and consultancy, to the provision of a total managed service.

Dedicated contractors not only supply a collect-to-dispose service, but also offer a wide range of refurbished items for sale.

To enhance efficiency, release valuable operational space, realise the value of unwanted assets, and yet properly address environmental issues the Disposal Services Authority is all you need to know.

Since 1993-1994 the DSA has secured sales receipts in excess of £700M - a substantial income for the MoD and the rest of Government and a good return on the investment in the Authority.

In April 2005 the DSA became part of the Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) whilst still playing a central role in the Defence Export Services Organisation's marketing strategy.

In April 2007 the DLO merged with the Defence Procurement Agency to form the Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) and the DSA became an integral part of the newly formed DE&S.

The DSA continues to seek overseas markets (particularly in developing countries) for used British defence equipment.

In future years, as their economies and requirements grow, Britain will be well placed to secure repeat orders.

These orders are likely to be for new rather than second-hand equipment and therefore of much greater value to the UK economy.

The ability of the DSA's Contracting Partners to maximise the return on surplus and used assets continues to provide an additional income stream to the original asset owners.

The DSA is the only Government organisation offering a completely managed service for the Re-use, Recycling and ultimately disposal of surplus government assets.

Utilising all of its skills gained through disposing of surplus assets for the MoD, the DSA is able to deliver a genuine Shared Service that is both efficient and cost effective solution for all of Government and the wider Public Sector.

Where the assets have to be scrapped, the DSA's Partners ensure that a process of re-utilisation and recycling of the parts occurs in order to maximise the amount to be recycled and minimise the volume being sent to landfill.

The DSA's Partners also ensure that everything that is to be destroyed is done so in compliance with all the appropriate national and international environmental legislation.

The DSA currently stands as the only Government disposal organisation and aims to be 'The World's Best Government Disposal Organisation'.

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