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Mon, Nov 2, 2020 10:49 PM

Providing ‘extras’ at your self-catering holiday home for guests to use can seem an innovative way of standing out from your competition.

However, before you provide ‘extras’ you should compare the perceived benefits to the actual risk. Although these items can be useful and fun whilst used under your supervision, letting guests use them at your holiday rental could expose you to litigation.

Before you provide your guests ‘added extras’, check with your self catering insurance that your liability insurance protects you. There could be serious ramifications if you are not protected from liability should an accident occur.

Potential Hazards:


Trampolines are becoming increasingly popular (and cheaper). However, they are the cause of serious injuries to children that often require surgery. Although the significant risk to children can be reduced with proper safety nets and children using the trampoline one at a time – the reality is that enforcement and supervision is unlikely. The same applies to bouncy castles.


If your holiday cottage is situated next to a lake or river and you own a boat or canoe – should you let guests use them? Again, there is the risk litigation should anyone be hurt when using them. The likelihood is that holidaymakers will be unfamiliar with how to operate the equipment, especially in challenging conditions.

Providing Bicycles

Although the idea in principal is a good one, the risk of injury to third parties from a poorly maintained bike could leave you exposed to legal action.

In reality, it is unlikely that you or your housekeeper will be able to check all equipment is in safe working order after each rental. If it could be proved that an accident or injury was caused due to your negligence, you could be responsible for subsequent legal costs and compensation.

Check with your insurance provider to see how extensively you are covered.

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