by Gauk
Mon, Apr 30, 2018 5:02 AM

At first glimpse it looks like any other, but peer closer and you might begin to see why this ordinary house in Swansea has become one of the most discussed properties in the UK.

Not for how little it’s sold for or because it’s the childhood home of a local celebrity. On the contrary, number 1 Port Tennant Road has become the intense focus of discussion because of its apparent likeness to Adolf Hitler. Just consider how the property’s slanted roof resembles the dictator’s trademark comb-over, or how the front door doubles as his distinctive toothbrush moustache.

In a testament to the power of modern media, what was a casual and humorous tweet by Twitter user Charli Dickenson has become an overnight worldwide web sensation. “I was driving along Fabian Way with my boyfriend and we got stuck in traffic,” Charli explained. “I looked over and suddenly thought to myself: Oh my God, that house looks like Hitler! So I took a snap of it.”

A number of sites have launched heated discussions about picture. One particularly memorable comment suggests humorous directions to get to the house: “Go through the lights, take the third Reich and you’ll find it on your extreme right.”

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