by Gauk
Wed, May 30, 2018 12:45 AM

The term domainer refers to domain portfolio holders, who make thousands of dollars a month either by solely parking or by both parking and selling domains.

This common association tends to overlook the fact that a domainer is actually a stock holder whose asset of choice is either one or several lucrative domain names.

If you take the time to research and find out what makes a domain valuable, then you will see a few domains is all you should need to realize a good return on your investment. The next step in investing is to know the market.  When to sell or store your domains. Look at the current resale value of domains as well as where they may be a year from now. In the meantime make some money through domain parking.

Domain parking allows you to make money from your unused domains by sponsoring paid ads on your page. Money is made when visitors click on those ads, without having to risk any money to see a return. Now, if you relate domains back to stocks you can look at parking earnings as dividends. When your parked domain hosts ads that get lots of clicks, you get paid. If no one clicks on the ads, then you won’t see any return. However, the difference between domains and stocks is that you can personally optimize your domains to increase payout potential. Optimizing your domains’ parking pages costs nothing, except a bit of time. A little time spent here will help increase your chances at improving parking revenue.

You can also update the domain’s keywords to change the ads as you see fit. Keywords determine the type of ads displayed on a parking page. Finally you should also have the ability to change the overall layout of the parked page itself. This allows you to quickly give your domains a new look.

Although confidence is key when it comes to investing, it is not very common that beginners are able to make enough money to support a lavish lifestyle from their domains alone. On the upside, you have solid control over the amount of exposure and return you see from your domains, so even if you only invest enough to see a few extra bucks every month, your new cash flow may be the starting point for a long and profitable career buying, parking and selling as a domainer.

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