by Gauk
Mon, Sep 28, 2020 11:05 PM

Soon, this is what those closest to you will be reminded of.
Begin YOUR journey towards PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM right here, right now!


This is the beginning; a New Beginning.

Whatever your personal opinions on the theories, paradigms, facts and dogma explored in this explosive publication, you absolutely, unequivocally will not escape the inescapable fact that … you’ll never think the same way again!

You have discovered The Omniscience Principle and The Philosophy of I. It will change the way you think, the way you see the world, the way you interact with people, the way you work. Your attitude towards business and the way you live. It WILL change your life completely … it WILL set you free.

The Omniscience Principle is going to drag you kicking and screaming along your very own journey towards PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM

You’re about to see in all it’s Technicolor glory, right here, right now, how you too can have a great, fat, juicy chunk of your dreams and desires.

Yes that’s right! … I don’t care if you’re black, white, yellow, pink or blue, I don’t care if you’re a young whippersnapper or an ageing silver fox; I don’t care if you live in London, New York or Uzbekistan … YOU CAN HAVE A BETTER LIFE, BE IN A BETTER PLACE.

If you are currently happy, wealthy, free and content then there’s nothing here for you … if not, read on..


“I want man to be like a never-falling Icarus – spreading the wings forever reaching new heights no matter the obstacles that may be in our way …”

Written over twenty years of in-the-trenches battles against business and life, this fully updated manuscript is now ready for YOU …


All I ask is that you take from The Omniscience Principle what you can. Use it, grow bigger, better, stronger and above all, achieve everything you desire.

The Omniscience Principle, and The Philosophy of I. It’s about YOU and breaking free of the constraints forced upon you through indoctrination and manipulation since birth; moral codes and policing you can do without and which hold you back in a world of subservience and mediocrity.

A New Religion Conceived to Build
Faith in YOUR OWN Abilities

It’s about cold, hard cash, that money and the accompanying rewards are wholly laudable. It’s about instant gratification, indulgence and the pleasure it brings in this life, right now.


The author working hard, writing this by the pool

It’s about being free, happy, wealthy and content; it’s about forming a fundamental understanding of how you can be used and your life’s energies abused, relentlessly and inexorably. It’s seeing the psychological weapons used against you minute by minute, hour by unrelenting hour; knowing the damage they can inflict and avoiding their blows.

It’s about discovering absolute clarity and vision to see clearly through the smoke and mirrors. It’s about doing exactly what you want and whatever makes you feel good, without compromise … when and wherever you like.

It’s about rising to see the dawn break because you’ve decided to, not because it’s an obligation.

It’s about picking your children up from school everyday … because you can. And if you don’t want children, that’s fine too, if that makes you happy.

It’s about YOUR time now and it’s about being rewarded with all the good things; all the good times for all the honest and fine things you do.

Give and you shall receive … through The Omniscience Principle we give, and give and give. It reveals everything which we use in defense and attack through life’s relentless and often difficult tests and shares the secrets to ultimate success on a number of levels both physically and mentally.

I know you are probably feeling quite isolated and wish you could break free of the constraints placed upon your life … it’s bloody hard isn’t it, trying to achieve even the most basic of ambitions?

My favorite analogy is: You feel like you’re the only person with a fork in a world full of soup.


You’re not alone!

“I know how you are feeling; I know because I’ve been there,
I have been where you are now”


Worry no more! You’re not alone and now you too have discovered The Omniscience Principle, and The Philosophy of I. Soon you’ll be powering your way out too.

A plane won’t fly without the wings. Bolt all the elements together and it’ll soar.

You only have a very limited time here on this Earth … once you’re gone, you’re gone. And my job over the next few weeks and months is to give you the very best head start so that you can stop pissing about trying to discover Personal Wealth and Freedom.

You’re going to attain it in the shortest possible time and spend the remainder of your life enjoying it!

We’ll discover that you can be rich but not wealthy and look to address that. Wealth is holistic and you are only truly rich when you are doing the right things, the good things and are fulfilled. This is not about concrete and glass … it is about tuning your very soul to sing.

I started with nothing – Just a few years ago, at the age of thirty two, I couldn’t even turn on a computer – FACT!

I went to college and learned. After being virtually bankrupted by The Machine I chose to explore the Internet as a vehicle to attaining wealth and freedom because I believed it offered the most opportunities for someone like me … actually it offers great opportunities for just about anybody!

Having said that I want to point out that The Omniscience Principle has nothing to do with how you choose to make your money and although the Internet has been good to me, I am well aware that it isn’t for everyone.

The Omniscience Principle, and The Philosophy of I are about attaining Personal Freedom and being ultimately successful at your chosen goal or business…

I say ‘business’ because unless you’re highly specialised, highly trained, highly sought-after, a job is time hungry, not leveragable and will simply never pay enough!

How much is enough? … Well that depends on the individual but take it from me, it’s bloody great fat number that very few jobs will pay?

The Omniscience Principle, and The Philosophy of I are about opening the door to Self, by doing so, you open doors to a better world.

I built my business one step at a time – for years the money refused to roll, but I stuck at it. I did whatever it would take to succeed.

I truly wish The Omniscience Principle, and The Philosophy of I was around when I started, as life would have been far easier for me!

“I started right at the bottom,
so don’t think for a second that YOU
can’t achieve Personal and Financial Freedom”


YOU CAN … and will, if you consider the systems outlined and most importantly, refuse to give up.

You will make it, maybe not overnight but I promise, it will happen.

Starting today, I’m going to reveal how YOU can go on to get the best life possible.

What do I know? More than some, not as much as others. I don’t have all the answers but I have some because I’ve been there. Most haven’t!

Why, on this Earth would you want to take seriously someone who hasn’t been there and done it; walked the walk and now talks the talk?

I can’t imagine why anyone would listen to someone about attaining wealth who isn’t wealthy! And I can’t imagine why anyone would take advice from someone who hasn’t made the money to attain wealth by using EXACTLY the same systems and techniques they promote!

Well the good news is that I have done OK. I’ve gone rapidly backwards and am going forwards again … More good news is that I’m using precisely the systems, methods and techniques I’m going to share with you now.

And even more good news is that I haven’t always been wealthy and free!

I have been right at the very bottom of the pile, in the muck and mire of destitute obscurity. I have battled, wrestled, and climbed to the exhilarating peak of my mountain, and boy, has it been a fight!

Those old medieval knights who went off into the misty wilderness to slay dragons … a walk in the park!

At one point I was so low, so pissed off, so desperate because things just wouldn’t go my way that I convinced myself I was possessed by an evil spirit, hell bent on scuppering my every move. What could I have possibly done in another life to deserve all this bad luck?

I even made an appointment to get exorcised! Honestly, sounds crazy but it’s true.

I Have Always Been a Millionaire,
I Haven’t Always Had the Money!

But I kept going. You see, I have always been a millionaire, it’s just I haven’t always had the money! It’s a mental thing; without a millionaire mindset how can you possibly be a millionaire? Anyone can get to where they want to be… and yet more good news is that luck has no part to play… we’ve all got it within us, it simply needs freeing.

I’ve tried everything. I had a bar: The Upsidedown Flying Crocodile Bar… it failed

I had a catering business: Butties World Famous Sandwiches… it flopped

I had a publishing business and got utterly shafted by the government!

I remember back when I was so ridiculously broke, celebrating having a positive balance of $180 (£100) in my account. That’s the only money I had, no assets, no property, no savings … Zip, nada, zilch!

This has been some white knuckle ride I can tell you. And the great thing for you is that because I’ve gone through hell and high water; waged war and beaten my monsters and demons, I know pretty much what YOU need to do in order to join me in the Kingdom of Wealth.

After failing in just about every venture I set my attention to I had almost reconciled myself to the fact that I would probably never get the money to become a fully rounded millionaire. I almost settled for ‘pseudo millionairism’, to be yet another wannabe pretender… Millionaire’s mouth, pauper’s bank balance!

Then along came my opportunity, the Internet … what an invention! It’s changed the world beyond all recognition, people really are making fortunes and despite all the crap, broken promises and hollow guarantees, it genuinely is possible to achieve wealth and freedom. I see it as the easiest way but it’s not for everyone and the good news is that it does not matter … This is about YOU and YOU make your own choices.

To quote the late, great Frank Sinatra “I did it my way“… BUT, better still, I’m qualified, willing and able to share with you every intimate detail of how you can do the same for your chosen path … and the best part?

I won’t leave you high and dry … And that’s a promise!

We’re in this for the long run because the ‘make the money and run’ culture now rife, makes me sick. You’ve seen it, you get it rammed down your gullet every single day… Occasionally some jerk comes along with clever copy, again you think, “this is it, finally I’ve found the answer”. You part with yet more of that hard earned and what do you get?

Living The Internet Dream …
“We’ve got caa ash, we’ve got caa ash”

Me and Mini-me on the road

I remember, oh so vividly, not too long ago, the excitement, the rush I got… bong, bing … My young boy used to giggle with delight and join in the ritual dance round the tired old bedroom I used to call my office. “We’ve got caa ash, we’ve got caa ash.”

Thar’s ma boy… Yippi! “We’ve got caa ash, we’ve got caa ash.”

Well that’s a truly pleasant and distant memory now. We’re living the Internet dream. My wife and I, the three incredible children; we’re truly bathing in its ocean of wealth, liberty and accompanying joy.

So, how did I achieve my wealth?

There’s an old saying, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” Never has a quote been so poignant as when referring to the crud and detritus that’s floating about the net today; fluffed up drivel purporting to be ‘the next big thing!’ Spotty teenagers with the key to life, despite only having fifteen years of it under their belt!


Cash, Cash, Cash, Cash, Cash …
I’ve Got Mountains of it and You Want Cash Too … Don’t You?

I am the Undisputed King of Cash…
$$$s, £££s and Euros, I’ve Got Tons of the Stuff

When I walk in a room people ask “what’s that smell?”

I’ll tell you, it’s the heady scent of money and I positively reek of it … I AM FILTHY, STINKING RICH I Got Blingingly Rich Selling the Same Old, Same Old… Bla, Bla, Bleedin Bla

I did it using systems that work; systems that have been making man rich since he first invented commerce.

I quickly worked out that you’re only given a finite period in which to make the most of your life, so you’re equipped with very limited resources in time and energy. I therefore made a conscious decision: Do the very best I can do, in anything and everything I do.

This way I can always say when my time’s up: “I tried, I did everything I possibly could do to attain wealth, freedom and happiness … I gave it all I had”.

This way, if I was to fail, I could hold my head high and turn to the fellow residents waiting for God in the retirement home, smelling of piss and stale breath, I could say: “I could do no more”.

It’s very easy to sell garbage. Millions make $billions every year doing it, but for me? For me, it would be a betrayal of everything I stand for, it would be a total waste of my life’s energies.

As I said earlier ‘I have always been a millionaire, at times I just didn’t have the money’.

I quickly worked out that I need dirty old cash in order to become truly wealthy!

Now it occurred to me that very few people are born with all the qualities and assets needed to make it alone. Sure, there are those that think they have it but generally, when you pick through the bones, there’s a bigger picture hiding in the shadows.

Those advantaged enough to get it handed to them on a plate, you know the sort. Daddy lives in a big house, with a big company, he pays the monthly credit card bills, pays the down-payment on the house etc. etc. the ones that arrogantly look down upon us peasants!

Well, you know what? Fuck them! … They wouldn’t know the first thing about making it alone!

I know that probably sounds a little bitter and resentful and you know what? I am slightly! I wish I’d have had it a lot easier, been handed a privileged existence, but I wasn’t, and neither were you. Then again, they do say the struggle makes you a better person?

I certainly could do it all over again using EXACTLY what I’m going to share with you and thankfully, I do have a healthy respect for those who want it too.

Ask yourself some questions!

  • What are you looking for?
  • What do you really want, your dreams, your ambitions, what are your aspirations?
  • What do you want from life?

What do you have to do to be:

  • Personally and financially free?
  • Have the burden of money pressures lifted forever?
  • To be able to do what you want, when you want?
  • Have multiple, lifetime streams of passive income?
  • Do good things that you can be proud of?


It’s Taken Me Twenty Years to
Become an Overnight Success!

How on earth do you achieve all that when acquiring even the simplest things is such a struggle?

I am living testament that anyone can do anything. I’m not particularly well educated having attended miserable schools where most teachers didn’t really care. I grew up in a town with few opportunities for work and many opportunities for crime. I speak with a stupid brummie accent and am rough around the edges … and I wrote every single word you’re reading. I write most of the copy on my mega-selling sites … yet I’m dyslexic!

My journey started well before the Net. You could say it’s taken me twenty hard, long years to become an overnight success.

But don’t let that put you off, the good news is OTHERS HAVE DONE ALL THE HARD WORK!

Information is King in the 21st Century

In the last hundred years we’ve seen great changes. We have stepped out of the industrial era into the information age and with the advent of the Worldwide Web we are now entering a new and exciting time.

A new revolution is under way: The Information Revolution. We are entering a time where our lives are changing so dramatically it seems almost impossible to keep up. It’s no longer who you know it’s what you know.

Information is power. Without it, men would still be banging women over the heads and dragging them back to their caves by their scruff. If you haven’t the right information in the information age you might as well go and join the Quakers!

Ask yourself this. “Who would you rather go to for sound financial and investment advice?

Your local bank assistant, Freddy Finance your friendly neighbourhood money advisor, Warren Wide Boy the local supplier of just about anything he can fit in the back of his truck, OR Alan Greenspan, Richard Branson, Donald Trump or the Director of the World Bank?

Imagine if you could spend an hour with Bill Gates, pick his brains; imagine what that hour would be worth to you.

Roman Abramovitch is a self-made, Russian oligarch and owner of the UK football club Chelsea. He sold his oil business back to Russia, which he bought for a pittance, for an estimated $20 billion – yes that’s BILLION! He couldn’t count how much money he has if he spent his life trying. If Roman wrote a step-by-step guide titled “How to Make a Billion Dollars” which you could follow and make money as he did, you’d buy into that wouldn’t you?

I’m Not Bright or Cunning Enough

I figured out that I’m probably not bright enough or cunning enough to invent my very own revolutionary, dam-busting world-beater. I had no real expertise and no financial backing; no wealthy benefactor or specialist skill.

I figured that the only way to get the money noticeably absent from my millionaire lifestyle was to learn from those at the cash summit. Makes sense doesn’t it? My point is, that wouldn’t you want to seek out help from the best there is? If they can do it so can you!

It has been said that a million is always easier to make the second time around. Why?

Because you know the rules, you know what works and what doesn’t. You have established the game plan; you have a proven recipe for ultimate accomplishment.

So I got my head down. I worked so hard for so long I though I’d never break free. Every time I saw the light at the end of the tunnel it turned out to be a train coming in the opposite direction!

Sound familiar?

I know something more about you. I know you need to know what I know; I know you’re desperately looking for a way out.

Information is King in the 21st Century!

Up until today you had been desperately searching for a whole host of answers to your questions … right?

Before you check your mail each morning you say a little prayer and wiggle your fingers at the screen hoping it’ll make a difference to your luck! You sort out the junk and file it in the junk bin, put the bills in the to be paid one day when I get around to it file and then… you sift through the opportunities which seem to arrive with tedious regularity and bin them too because there is never anything of significant importance anyway.

You have picked the brains of friends and colleagues in the vein hope that they may provide you with some hidden wisdom… they haven’t!

You have probably had many ground-breaking ideas of your own only to see them fade away because you had nowhere to go or no one to approach for competent help and support.

You didn’t have the right information to move forward did you?

How do I know all this and we’ve never even met?

Simple! If you had discovered the answer, then you wouldn’t be reading this would you? You’d be totally free right now…

Seek out the Highest Achievers on the Planet,
Learn Their secrets and Emulate That Success

My brief was this – I wrote it down to keep me focused: To seek out the highest achievers on the planet, learn their secrets and emulate that success…

And I did just that. During those long dark times I grew, each day I became a bigger and better person.

I learned all about the weapons employed by those who seek to keep us in a position of existence. I learned that there really is a formula for ultimate accomplishment and it’s used over and over by a tiny group tenacious enough to discover it for themselves. I eventually realised that I was never ‘possessed’ by a wicked demon at all. And I discovered that contrary to what the ‘Rich Jerks’ will have you believe, there is no magic seed that when planted at the bottom of the garden flourishes into a blooming money tree, no higher order that lavishes the chosen few with great fortune; no super-system that pays out vast sums for little or no investment!


The World Full of Ordinary People Like You and I

It actually came as a big surprise to me that world’s high achievers are merely normal, everyday people!

The richest man on Earth wasn’t born that way, he wasn’t a child prodigy who grew up to become the world’s cleverest man. He’s bright, there’s no denying that, but he’s no super genius.

And this was a revelation… Ya bloody hoooo! It really is possible for just about anyone to make it with the right information.

You are easily as bright as any millionaire. In fact, if you truly want that level of prestige then you’re already well on your way to attaining it. You have already shown you have what it takes by getting this far! The only thing that separates the top earners from those who settle for mediocrity is that high achievers have relentlessly sought the right formula, found it… and acted upon it.

I did, and when the Internet came along the ball started to roll, it rolled and rolled and rolled, faster and faster. Now there’s just no stopping that old money ball. I have built a formidable online business to be proud of and now my time has come to leave my mark and do good in the world.

It’s Time For YOU to Break Free


And now it’s time to help you break free. Seek out the highest achievers on the planet, learn their secrets and share them with others who would wish to emulate that success.

That original brief was to learn the secrets of the world’s masters of wealth, embrace them, implement them and profit from them. I am now in a position share them with others who wish to emulate that success… THAT MEANS YOU!

This is 24 Carat, 100% Proof – DYNAMITE!!!


The backbone of success is information; the right information. The brief was executed with finite precision. The accumulated information is 24 carat, 100% proof – DYNAMITE. Proven secrets, formulae and strategies – the very same ones that were used by the top 5% of the population to accumulate 95% of the world’s wealth.

Transposed onto the new information highway, what you’ll learn can take you anywhere you want to go.

I don’t care if you’re black, white, yellow, pink or blue; I don’t care if you’re a young whippersnapper or an old silver surfer, I don’t care if you live in London, New York or Uzbekistan … THIS IS FOR YOU

There are millionaires out there by the thousands who will make it some day … and they don’t even know it yet. There are those that will rake in unimaginable amounts of cash over the coming years who can’t even turn a computer on now.

Are you a millionaire without the money?

Or do you just want to make a little extra income to make your current life easier?

People just like you are growing, becoming stronger and profiting from proven strategies right now. Whilst searching for the Right Information you’ve no doubt seen the ubiquitous testimonials … I never believe them! But as you’d expect nothing less of me, the ones you see below are genuine and taken from hundreds I receive. I’ve reproduced them simply to reassure you that others have been where you are, have taken the step, are now getting to where they want to be… and to nudge you yet closer towards joining me.

Ideas, Methods and Systems

These ideas and strategies have been proven to work. I’ve put my own money on the line and I’m now a player, competing and winning in the real world! How many times have you been promised the elixir of life? When it came down to it all you got was a bottle of fizzy water.

Finally you have discovered YOUR holy grail.

The answer to your question: “Where and how do I find the right information to make it and break free?” It’s been answered. It’s not who you know, it’s what you know… more accurately, it’s what I share that will guarantee your success.

The Omniscience Principle is the culmination of years of research; a compendium of systems, methods and paradigms that made the rich and powerful, rich and powerful and free … UTTERLY FREE.

The Empowerment Bible, Inner Growth, on Conscious and Subconscious Levels; A New Religion The Omniscience Principle and the Philosophy of I.

I studied the systems, I developed them, I followed them and am living proof that they work.

When you enter this world you will learn how to greatly enrich every facet of your life. You will grow exponentially. You will become truly empowered. You will join a growing army of people who are using and profiting from the methods I share right now.

Bong, bong, bing bing … There is a magnificent feeling which runs through your body each time you bank cash… and you know what, I have no qualms about making money from you!

What, make money from you! You’ve read all this, I’m talking money and you haven’t received anything yet?

I’ve got no qualms about taking your money because in return I will be passing on to you my personal, hard earned, tried and tested methods to achieve personal and financial freedom.

I studied experts in their fields for years, learned from them, mimicked their success until I was competent enough to continue alone. I tweaked and modified those theories and adapted many for the better. Now I share those systems with those who have an insatiable craving to learn them; I will share them with YOU.

Soon You Too Will be Banking Cash and Becoming Wealthy …

All you have to do is follow the blueprint… and put in a modicum of effort!

Soon you too will be banking cash… bong, bong, bing bing… And you know what? You won’t feel the slightest twinge of conscience. You have sought out the highest achievers, learned from them, mimicked their success and in turn will bank YOUR just rewards.

This is The Omniscience Principle in its purest form. It is the science of information. It is having the precise information needed to fulfill your goals. It is about doing the right things, in the right place, at the right time. It is a formula for super-success and about achieving it.

You will bank cashHow much?

Well that’s your call!

If you follow your goals you could be banking $1,000, $3,000, $20,000 or even $100,000 £££s, Yen or Euros per month … or nothing at all! Your goals may not require you to become cash rich.

Would you be embarrassed about putting that much money in your account each month and having to do comparatively little for it …. No, I didn’t think so!

Notice I said comparatively little… Compared to what? Compared to doing it without the right information. Once you have grown multiple streams of passive income the workload wanes, but – be under no illusion, you are going to have to work damn hard to get there on both physical and spiritual levels.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy…. unfortunately you have to earn your position. If you didn’t, then firstly you wouldn’t appreciate it and secondly, you’d be one of those spoiled, weak insipid brats I mentioned earlier.

People Rarely Get Rich Doing One Thing Brilliantly;
They do Many Small Things Which Work


You will be seeking income streams flowing in from everywhere. If one money tap dries up a different one will be opened to spring another tributary to your vast, flowing river. Your journey does not stop. You continue onward. Super-success is not a destination.

Over the weeks and months you will accrue and develop a vast arsenal of information, turnkey strategies THAT WORK. You will receive the foundations on which you will build your own empire. You can and will go on to amazing new heights using systems employed by the top 5%.

You no longer have to experiment. You now have access to the minds of the wealthy who’ll guide you step-by-step along the path to success – they did it for me and I’ll do the same or you!

Join me now and instantly have access to all the knowledge you would ever need to become personally and financially free.

Your Guarantee

And if you’re looking for the money-back guarantee, forget it, there isn’t one!

Why in the reign of pig’s pudding would I need one? Firstly, they’re scattered about because the guru cretins haven’t faith in what they offer and secondly, there’s a bunch of desperate, useless, genuine losers surfing their sorry arses away; a small group of idiots who buy anything and everything going without the slightest intention of ever reading it properly or taking any action whatsoever… then claiming their money back! They’re a total waste of the air we breath and the precious time we enjoy. Let them surf their way to obscurity, I don’t need their winging, whining, their negativity anywhere near my life.

The guarantees you need to be interested in:

Guarantee #1 I guarantee to supply you with so much hard-core, 24 carat, 100% proof material it’ll make you’re toes curl… I said material not bullshit, fluff and half-baked hogwash.

Guarantee #2 I guarantee that you won’t find my stuff anywhere else…

Guarantee #3 I guarantee that if you don’t take this step now you’ll spend yet more of your precious resources, energy and cash many times over and still end up back here. How do I know that? Curiosity and nagging doubt – you’ll never know if everything you ever needed was here and because I’ve planted the seed just now; because I’ve just told you that this site will stick in your mind – IT WILL.

Watch, it’ll be the last thing you think of before going to sleep tonight – YOU WATCH!

You are Awesome, Invincible,
a Relentless Money Machine


Soon, this is what those closest to you will be thinking

Begin your journey towards PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM today, through The Omniscience Principle and The Philosophy of I

The The Omniscience Principle is the culmination of years of research and experience; it is a compendium of systems, methods and paradigms that made the rich and powerful – rich and powerful and free… UTTERLY FREE.

The systems you’ll begin to receive in the next few minutes I’ve developed to become the best person I can be, the very same ones you’ll emulate to build your new life; a life that is yours … and better still, the life you’ll develop for your family and your family’s family.



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