Elephant Ivory, Hippo, Mammoth, Whale Teeth, Warthog, and Walrus Banned From ebay

eBay banned the sale of all items derived from any kind of ivory bearing animal.

What You Need to Know About Buying a Domain Name

The term domainer refers to domain portfolio holders, who make thousands of dollars a month either by solely parking or by both parking and selling domains.

Top Tips to Snap Up The Best Deals at Car Boots

Whether you're looking for reasonably priced collectables or searching for treasure, car boot sales are ideal hunting grounds for bargains. Follow our top tips on how to secure that bargain.

All About Ivory and the legislation

All you need to know about Ivory

Getting the best deal for scrap gold

Many gold buying websites have sprung up over the last year. Some of the better known players in the field include Cash4Gold, Sell My Gold, How Cash For Gold, Got Gold Get Cash, Post Gold For Cash, Best Price For Gold, Gold Traders, Cash My Gold and Postal Gold.

Antique Dealers Trade Associations

When purchasing antiques use accredited dealers who belong to a trade association.

Four ways to make money from your CDs

There are various choices and it depends a great deal on what’s in your collection and how much effort you can put in.

How Money Lanudering Laws Affect Purchacers At Auction

Often when you buy at auction you will be asked for specific information. This is under the Governments Money Laundering rules.

A Primer on Import and Export Documents

It is crucial that your documents are in order when you are exporting goods to a buyer or importing goods from a seller.

Casting Estate Agents Asunder

I often receive correspondence on the negative aspects of estate agents, all letters received having some ghastly story to tell.



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