Hot Property News: The Widow Who Became Australia’s Richest Woman

Today, Gina Rinehart, is the richest person in Australia and predicted to become the wealthiest in the world.

Hot Property News: Should I Buy In France In These Uncertain Times?

The euro debt crisis increasingly resembles a teenage horror film.

Hot Property News: Investing In Scotland

We have been investing for 12 years – and sourcing for over 7 – and having sourced over 2000 properties over this time – I would say we must be amongst the most experienced property investors within this magazine each month.

Hot Property News: Snap Up A Bargain In Italy

If you’re looking for an Italian hideaway, there are still good deals to be had off the beaten track.

19th Century Letterpresses & other Print Assets - Online Auction (Preliminary Notification)

To be sold in conjunction with the entire contents of contract Newsprint Facility and News Offices including IT, Office Furniture, Boardrooms, Fitness Centre, Catering & Dining.

Find Something Special In South Wales

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to our site for collections when it is safe to do so.

Hot Property News: Finding An Unexpected Kick to Property In Southern Italy

Italy really is a hard country to classify. It ’s a modern industrialised nation and a world leader in terms of fashion design.

Hot Property News: Own A Pub & Make A Fortune

Makers of niche real ales and bottled craft beers have fought back in recent years against the market dominance of imported lagers.

Never Mind Oil & Gold, It’s Time To Start Prospecting For Water

Alternative Investments : The Most Original New Investment Concepts

How To Buy Property In Portugal

Portugal has been a second home to me from 1984, ever since my parents bought a dilapidated farm on top of a hill on the Algarve, and then spent two years lovingly restoring and extending it.



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