Hot Property News: Investing In Scotland

We have been investing for 12 years – and sourcing for over 7 – and having sourced over 2000 properties over this time – I would say we must be amongst the most experienced property investors within this magazine each month.

Hot Property News: Snap Up A Bargain In Italy

If you’re looking for an Italian hideaway, there are still good deals to be had off the beaten track.

19th Century Letterpresses & other Print Assets - Online Auction (Preliminary Notification)

To be sold in conjunction with the entire contents of contract Newsprint Facility and News Offices including IT, Office Furniture, Boardrooms, Fitness Centre, Catering & Dining.

Find Something Special In South Wales

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to our site for collections when it is safe to do so.

Hot Property News: Finding An Unexpected Kick to Property In Southern Italy

Italy really is a hard country to classify. It ’s a modern industrialised nation and a world leader in terms of fashion design.

Hot Property News: Own A Pub & Make A Fortune

Makers of niche real ales and bottled craft beers have fought back in recent years against the market dominance of imported lagers.

Never Mind Oil & Gold, It’s Time To Start Prospecting For Water

Alternative Investments : The Most Original New Investment Concepts

How To Buy Property In Portugal

Portugal has been a second home to me from 1984, ever since my parents bought a dilapidated farm on top of a hill on the Algarve, and then spent two years lovingly restoring and extending it.

Solar Power’s Less Than Bright Light

Should you get solar panels put on your roof?

Body Care, Jewellery, Number plates and much more is now available! ⏱️

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